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About the Platform

Critical thinking exercises for everyday people

We reshape how media is consumed. With JournalOwl, people begin thinking for themselves first by formulating an evidence-backed argument, earning badges, and then productively discussing counter-viewpoints with well-informed people.

JournalOwl JournalClips

We pioneered video clip journaling. News, history, politics, or educational videos can be clipped and formed into thought-provoking journeys. Deeply explore complex topics by answering a series of questions, quiz yourself, and discuss with other critical thinkers.

Online Book Clubs & Study Groups

We make it easy to organize online book clubs and study groups. With thousands of public domain eBooks to choose from, including all 66 Books of the Holy Bible, you can setup a virtual book club today. Securely meet with your private club with our Zoom integration.

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JournalOwl JournalClips

We pioneered video clip journaling.

News, history, politics, or educational videos can be clipped and formed into thought-provoking journeys. Deeply explore complex topics by answering a series of questions, quiz yourself, and discuss with other critical thinkers.

JournalOwl AudioBooks

Choose from a variety of Public Domain AudioBooks

We accommodate a variety of learning styles. Do you prefer to listen to podcasts, audiobooks, or lectures without visual influence? With JournalOwl, you can select from thousands of AudioBooks to simply listen and enjoy or participate in group journeys to analyze and discuss.

JournalOwl Essays

A well-crafted essay is a collection of logical building blocks

We make essay writing less daunting and more rewarding. With a vast array of media content to base an essay argument around – our essay wizard helps you logically build an argument and conclusion. You can share your essay with others interested in the same topic to get real-world feedback.

JournalOwl Journeys

Earn a variety of badges to prove a level of mastery

Critical thinking can seem daunting on your own. With JournalOwl's journeys, you participate in an open or private journey to analyze and critique a topic of your choice. If you meet the qualification criterion set by the journey creator, you earn a badge. That badge is your ticket into the convergence hall to discuss ideas openly and productively with other critical thinkers.

JournalOwl Study Groups

Collaboration and teamwork drives innovation

People that make decisions in an echo chamber without trusted counsel often overlook pitfalls. With JournalOwl Study Groups, you can easily stand-up a private study group on an existing journey or create your own journey with a private study group. Fully integrated with Zoom, you can set recurring video meetups with your group to review & discuss progress. Start a study group today on a book or a Bible book.

JournalOwl Book Clubs

Build thriving online book clubs with a global reach

With thousands of online eBooks to choose from and an endless sea of YouTube video books at your fingertips, JournalOwl is every book club organizer’s dream come true. Segment the book into chapters or sub-chapters, add thought-provoking questions, and schedule weekly meetups to discuss. You can even add interactive quizzes and polls to review and discuss at your club meetings. Start a book club easily with our vast selection of online books.

JournalOwl Converge

360-degree thinking is a learned critical thinking skill

With JournalOwl Converge, you earn your way into the public town square to productively discuss important topics of today. The JournalOwl town square includes people who have a vested interest in debating and discussing a variety of topics. By eliminating groupthink and trolling with badging, JournalOwl Converge elevates the efficacy of the conversation to drive 360 degree thinking.

JournalOwl Critical Thinking

The quality of our lives boils down to the quality of our questions

The core of JournalOwl’s critical thinking engine was inspired by the Socratic Method in which questions are asked continually until either the student gives a wrong answer or reasoning, or the teacher is satisfied with the response. The method itself is a form of cooperative argument dialogue between individuals to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presuppositions.

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Featured Blogs

10 Best Classics for Book Clubs

  Friday, October 14, 2022

Searching for classic novels that would make for great discussion at your next book club meeting? You’ve come to the right spot! JournalOwl’s free library of classic eBooks is growing by leaps and bounds. Our goal is to have over 50,000 free classical eBooks available to read and review by the end of 2023. Sounds like a lofty goal, but we’re up for the challenge!

Each Book of the Holy Bible in 200 Words or Less with Bible Study Plans

  Sunday, October 9, 2022

Although the Bible is made up of 66 individual books, they all work together to tell one great story: the Story of God. Having a better understanding of the overarching story of the Bible and where scripture fits within this larger story can help us recognize how all of Scripture points to Christ. God’s Story can be summed up in four words: Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration.

The Lost Art of Skeptical Validation

  Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Imagine that you are walking on your way to work, wishing that you had a car so you wouldn't have to make the hour commute on foot every single day. Suddenly, a man appears, rather poshly dressed, and says he will give you a magic chicken. "What does the chicken do?" you ask. "It grants wishes!" says the man, stroking his beard. Already tired from the half-hour walk on your way to work, asking a magic chicken for a car doesn't seem bad. So you take the chicken, say goodbye to the man, and p...

private journal online

Coping with Change

Recent research indicates that expressive writing reduces intrusive and avoidant thoughts about negative events, while improving working memory.

Research published by APA’s Journal of Experimental Psychology has also discovered that the improvements from expressive writing free up our cognitive resources for other mental activities, including our ability to cope more effectively with stress.

JournalOwl’s pre-launch beta group of Journalers reported a 70% reduction in stress & anxiety associated with overcoming a bad habit. According to participants, the day-to-day journal prompting tailored to the target habit created structure, reduced anxiety, and allowed freedom of expression.

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User Reviews

Matt A

"I like Journalowl. The cope with anxiety journey really helped me feel grounded and regain perspective."

Doris F

Orlando, FL

Matt A

"Thank God for Journalowl. 2020 was a tough year and the health related journeys helped me reframe and reset. What a blessing!"

Kate D

Seattle, WA

Matt A

"What can I say? Never in my life did I think writing out my feelings would help me so much. This product has really changed my outlook on life."

Joseph J

Baltimore, MD

Matt A

"I needed an outlet other than weekend parties with my friends. Expressive writing with Journalowl was exactly what I needed. Thank you!"

Ethan A

Austin, TX

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Always & forever free!

Freestyle journaling

Create as many personal journals as you'd like! Perhaps create a travel journal, and others as needed to help you through difficult emotions, bad habits, and life challenges.


Tap into a vast selection of journeys, ranging from Health & Wellness to Religion. Critically think just about anything - or, create your own!

Clubs & study groups

Host a thriving online book club or study group with a global reach

Safe & secure

100% private and secure. All interaction is encrypted with bank-level SSL.

Unlimited photos

Add unlimited photos to your journal entries.

Invite family members

Invite your family and friends to specific journal entries to comment, discuss, and update.


Write a letter to yourself, your child, or a family member to be opened at a future date. JournalOwl will store it in our vault until a future date.

Goal trackers

Track your progress toward goal attainment: weight loss, quit smoking, quit drinking, or less stress. Also create custom goal trackers.


Get the insights you need to improve your life. With simple analytics, see how you compare with other journalers enrolled in the same challenge, how you are improving, and where you are falling behind.

Mobile friendly

Works with mobile apps, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Take JournalOwl anywhere you go.

Electronic notifications

Custom email and SMS text reminders to encourage you along.

Theme customizations

Add personality to your journal with your own background, covers, and many different font styles.

Advanced search

Easily tag your journal entries and search across all of your journal entries.

Export and print friendly

Export your Journal to PDF to publish, print, or save.

Multiple journals

Maintain multiple journals covering different aspects of your life: personal, financial, professional, health & wellness.

Personal blog site

Share your thoughts or travels on your own personal blog website.

JournalOwl Premium subscription

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Less than a cup of coffee!

Includes all JournalOwl Basic features, plus:

Access exclusive journeys

Join as many exclusive journeys as you would like.

Audio journaling

Record daily audio journals with automatic transcription to text.

Video journaling

Record and upload your private video talks on the go. Plus, get your video's audio automatically transcribed into text.

Unlimited word count

Unlock an unlimited word count allowance.

Unlimited retention

All journal entries over 45 days are securely archived for long term reference. Seemlessly access them anytime, anywhere.

Extra password protection

Password protect your journals and journal entries with military grade encryption.


Our built-in Artificial Intelligence analyzes your journal entries and ranks your mood: low, indifferent, angry, good.

JournalOwl Enterprise subscription

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Perfect for health & wellness initiatives, and University perks

Includes all JournalOwl Premium features, plus:

Whitelabel / Fully branded with your logo & domain

SSO integration

Organizational Leaderboards

HR & Administrative Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is JournalOwl®?

JournalOwl has bank-level security for all your media types: the written word, audio, photos, and video. We take security very seriously at JournalOwl. Your information is never shared without your consent. By default, you're invisible. Do your thing, write it out, we are here for you.

What is a JournalOwl Journey?

A journey is a guided journaling tour on a specific topic. Choose from a large selection of journeys in various categories, ranging from Health & Wellness to Religion.

How much does JournalOwl cost?

Journaling is free. You can freestyle journal (write whatever you like), or you can join a challenge with our Journalers around the world. The idea is to move you away from 'external validation' by others and force you to look 'inward' on a daily basis by maintaining a diary or journal. It's a refreshingly simple concept that helps many people overcome the "fear of missing out" (FOMO) in a world driven by external validation over social media. All of the answers to life's toughest questions lie within.

What is the research on the benefits of journaling?

According to, journaling helps to clarify your thoughts and feelings. It also allows you to know yourself better, reduce stress, solve problems more effectively, and resolve disagreements with others.

We also believe that journaling allows you to track patterns, trends, and improve yourself over time. Nothing happens overnight and journaling is a process like every other life pursuit. Many famous people kept journals, including: John D. Rockefeller, George Patton, Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, John Adams, Ronald Reagan, Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, and Ernest Hemingway.

Other famous people like Albert Einstein maintained a daily journal. It's an essential aspect of an examined life. In the words of Socrates, "the unexamined life is not worth living."

What is "journaling prompting"?

Journal prompting is the cornerstone of our group challenges. We have designed a variety of 21-day challenges with a different "prompt" each day to explore different aspects of your inner being. For example, we have challenges to reduce stress & anxiety where the journal prompts force you to think of better ways to manage situations. We believe that most people already have the answers within. Journaling is a vehicle to help you uncover those answers.

How do I get started?

Easy! Tap sign up in the banner above, or tap here.

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