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Why Counsel with JournalOwl?

  • Accelerate your income Accelerate your income. By tapping into a growing global network of journalers seeking 1:1 and 1:M (Group) counseling, you will quickly accelerate your caseload and income.
  • Avoid Zoom Fatigue & Burnout Avoid Zoom Fatigue & Burnout. Online counselors face unique challenges like Zoom fatigue. JournalOwl's proprietary approach to online counseling combines LivePoint with TouchPoint.
  • Free Counselor Profile Free Counselor Profile. Every counselor gets a free public profile that is SEO optimized and searchable.
  • Work flexibility Work flexibility. You set the schedule with LivePoint and TouchPoint. With TouchPoint, you reply via secure video, audio, or messaging when you have the time.
  • One platform One platform. You set your fees and collect payments through JournalOwl. No extra software needed.
  • Get Paid for Challenges Get Paid for Challenges. Counselors can create unique journaling challenges with prompts & video instruction. Publish to our global community and get paid when someone enrolls!

What is LivePoint?

LivePoint sessions are pre-scheduled sessions, very similar to traditional face-to-face meetings. We've partnered with an industry leading video communications platform to make live face-to-face sessions happen easily & quickly.

What is TouchPoint?

TouchPoint sessions are JournalOwl's innovative approach to juggling many clients at once, reducing burnout. TouchPoint sessions are asynchronous, meaning you can reply with messages, audio recordings, and video recordings on your own time!

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Get discovered using the JournalOwl online therapist directory.

Manage Clients

Our innovative technology allows you to instant message your existing clients.

LivePoint Sessions

Does your client prefer face-to-face sessions? Our LivePoint technology allows you to get face-to-face instantly.

TouchPoint Sessions

Want to reduce burnout? Leverage our TouchPoint technology to perform your sessions on your own time.

New Client Auto-Match

Get automatically matched with our vast user community of journalers and clients.

Get Paid with Direct Deposit

We handle the payment details, and we securely direct deposit your earnings within 1-2 business days.

JournalOwl Premium subscription

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Includes all Counselor Free features, plus:

Video Introductions

Get noticed better with a video introduction of yourself.

Priority Auto-Match

Get new clients, faster!

Premium Profile

Add additional information, such as your office phone number, LinkedIn profile, and more!

Template Talks

Save time & energy by pre-recording common responses to problems with our innovative TouchPoint technology.

Journaling Tasks

Allow your client to perform journaling tasks using our TouchPoint technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is JournalOwl®?

JournalOwl has bank-level security for all your media types: the written word, audio, photos, and video. We take security very seriously at JournalOwl. Your information is never shared without your consent. You have the option of allowing therapists, coaches, and counselors to reach out to you - but that is completely your decision. By default, you're invisible. Do your thing, write it out, we are here for you.

What is JournalOwl Coaching?

Our global network of coaches, therapists, and counselors are on standby to help provide you with focused 1:1 or group support through secure video, chat, or audio. Keeping a diary and journaling are often recommended by our coaches to help you gain perspective, set goals, and reflect on your accomplishments. Pairing daily journaling with coaching support has show tremendous benefit to our end users. Coaches are pre-screened and available for a variety of challenges, like: anxiety, anger, addiction & compulsions, bullying, body image, LGBQT challenges, midlife crisis, OCD, unemployment, rejection, self-esteem issues, sleep disorders, weight loss, excessive worry, or workplace issues.

How much does JournalOwl cost?

Journaling is free. You can freestyle journal (write whatever you like), or you can join a challenge with our Journalers around the world. The idea is to move you away from 'external validation' by others and force you to look 'inward' on a daily basis by maintaining a diary or journal. It's a refreshingly simple concept that helps many people overcome the "fear of missing out" (FOMO) in a world driven by external validation over social media. All of the answers to life's toughest questions lie within.

Coaching is either $199/month for TouchPoints, or you can pay by the session (about $150) with your chosen therapist. JournalOwl® TouchPoints is a schedule-free way of receiving on-going 1:1 support. You record a secure video, audio, or write out your issue. A trained counselor listens to your challenges and provides a response within 48 hours. And the cycle continues. Sometimes they assign you journaling homework too!

What are JournalOwl Touchpoints?

JournalOwl TouchPoints is a schedule-free way of receiving focused 1:1 support. No need to align dates & times with your coach. You record a secure video, audio, or write out your issue. A trained counselor listens to your challenges and provides a response within 48 hours. And the cycle continues until you're on the right track. Sometimes they assign you journaling homework too!

What is the research on the benefits of journaling?

According to, journaling helps to clarify your thoughts and feelings. It also allows you to know yourself better, reduce stress, solve problems more effectively, and resolve disagreements with others.

We also believe that journaling allows you to track patterns, trends, and improve yourself over time. Nothing happens overnight and journaling is a process like every other life pursuit. Many famous people kept journals, including: John D. Rockefeller, George Patton, Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, John Adams, Ronald Reagan, Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, and Ernest Hemingway.

Other famous people like Albert Einstein maintained a daily journal. It's an essential aspect of an examined life. In the words of Socrates, "the unexamined life is not worth living."

What is "journaling prompting"?

Journal prompting is the cornerstone of our group challenges. We have designed a variety of 21-day challenges with a different "prompt" each day to explore different aspects of your inner being. For example, we have challenges to reduce stress & anxiety where the journal prompts force you to think of better ways to manage situations. We believe that most people already have the answers within. Journaling is a vehicle to help you uncover those answers.

Are your coaches and counselors licensed?

Most of our coaches are licensed, but some very effective life coaches do not have state-issued licenses. Each coach has a profile that you can review and most of them post an introductory video about themselves. If they are licensed, that will be displayed on their coaching profile for you to review. Much like a sports coach, everyone's style is different to achieving results from their players. Some coaches are very aggressive in their approach, whereas others are methodical and easy-going. It is your responsibility to set boundaries and goals with your coach upfront. And if you're ever dissatisfied with your coach, there is no shame in dumping him or her and moving onto someone else. You have options!

How do I communicate with my coach?

It's easy. You can message your coach, record an audio, record a secure video, or video conference 'live' with your coach. You can also find a coach on our growing global network.

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