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Facilitating an effective Bible Study group isn't difficult if you have the right tools and an effective lesson plan. The Bible consists of 66 Books and over 2,200 chapters. Breaking it up into segments is the key to effectively structuring a Bible Study program - whether in person or online.

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JournalOwl has several free bible study journeys for you to choose from to help you lean into God’s Word and apply it to your life. Whether you’re looking for a study on a particular Book of the Bible or a specific topic, a group study, or something to do independently, you can find the right journey for you here

Why Bible Study Lessons Help

Bible study lessons are an invaluable tool that help you consistently study, comprehend, and apply God’s Word to your life. 

  1. Get in the Word – a planned out guide to help you consistently be in God’s Word
  2. Comprehension – study lessons are created to lead you to understanding by breaking down the reading into smaller portions and through journal prompts. Each Journey has general Bible prompt questions as well as a list of community-provided questions.
  3. Application and Review – some journal prompts help you discover how to apply scripture to your life. And by journaling in our secure platform, you have the opportunity to go back to your answers and review what you have learned, any goals or action steps you set, and see how you have grown from when you started the study.

Example Bible Study Lessons

We have a Bible Study Journey for every Book of the Bible as well as several topical Journeys you can choose from. Some of our topical studies include:

Using Bible Journeys as Lesson Plans for Bible Study

If you want to lead your own Bible study, take the burden of planning off yourself and use one of our Bible Journeys as your lesson plan. Each Journey already has the reading assignments split up into daily plans and you can use the journal prompts as discussion topics with your group. 

Free New Testament Bible Study Lessons (Click on Book to Start)

GospelsLettersMore LettersProphecy 
Mark1 CorinthiansHebrews  
Luke2 CorinthiansJames  
JohnGalatians1 Peter  
 Ephesians2 Peter  
HistoryPhilippians1 John  
ActsColossians2 John  
 1 Thessalonians3 John  
 2 ThessaloniansJude  
 1 Timothy   
 2 Timothy   

Free Old Testament Bible Study Lessons (Click on Book to Start)

PentateuchHistorical BooksPoetical / WisdomMajor ProphetsMinor Prophets
Numbers1 SamuelEcclesiastesEzekielObadiah
Deuteronomy2 SamuelSong of SolomonDanielJonah
 1 Kings  Micah
 2 Kings  Nahum
 1 Chronicles  Habbakuk
 2 Chronicles  Zephaniah
 Ezra  Haggai
 Nehemiah  Zechariah
 Esther  Malachi