How to Change the COVID-19 Catastrophizing Mindset

  Friday, May 14, 2021

COVID-19 has taken the form of a global pandemic, and as we know, in these debilitating times, where we are exposed to a gazillion negative news and a never-ending state of fear, it becomes quite easy to get a catastrophizing mindset.

A catastrophizing mindset simply means to jump to the worst conclusion. As the word indicates, an individual having a catastrophizing mindset will ultimately take every event to turn out catastrophic for him and everyone around him. This acts like a dominos game; when one negative event occurs, the individual having this mindset will connect that dot to the other negative event, which is even more negative, and the series goes on until it reaches the most negative point one can think of.

How is COVID-19 a Strong Factor for Provoking a Catastrophizing Mindset? 

In case of the COVID-19, we are continuously bombarded with negative headlines, where the number of people getting affected from the virus is on a continuous rise, and the fear of getting the virus has become so magnified that instead of being it a positive driving force to take necessary preventative measures, it has negatively impacted a lot of people into thinking the worst-case scenario. This ultimately has led to feelings of paranoia, triggered Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in many, and has psychologically tricked some people into thinking they have already caught the disease, or if they would get the virus, they will not survive it.

What Should Be My Basic Goal? 

In all this depth of misery and phobia underlying in this type of Cognitive Distortion Behavior, the point is to stay strong enough mentally to survive this pandemic. Also, this time requires us to strongly combat the negative inner thoughts that have taken control over many of us in the form of this mindset, so we can survive this test of nature.

How Do I Change this Mindset? 

The most important step in deconstructing this habit is to not avoid your real emotions, rather accept the reality and your fear associated with it. While you try to limit your exposure to any triggering situation such as news on the media, take some time out of your daily routine, and fix that time for worrying. Only in this case, the Corona Pandemic, you can actually practice it with your loved ones as everyone is pretty much in the same boat. Make good use of this solidarity, and by practicing empathy skills and open communication, address your anxiety and fear.

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Moreover, breathing and relaxation techniques can go a long way in helping you to relax in this time of worry. Pick some soothing music and take out a journal, and then one by one, address every possible situation and different ways you can successfully deal with that problem. In this case, try planning on all things you can possibly do to recover yourself if you get the virus and take a solution-oriented approach. Do some research and fix sometime in noting multiple methods to address any distressing situation, such as getting exposed to the disease.

Final Verdict 

Also, remember that you are not alone in this, and fill yourself with positive, realistic news about the current situation. For every negative thing you assume, consider it an obligation to state a minimum of three positive facts against it. We hope in this time of distress, this article would give you some better insight on how to be positive.

Health Disclaimer

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