How to Organize the Best Jane Eyre Book Club Discussion

Are you looking for a book club idea that will engage and excite your group? Look no further than Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. This classic novel is full of timeless themes and characters, making it perfect for a book club discussion.

BlogHow to Organize the Best Jane Eyre Book Club Discussion

Are you looking for a book club idea that will engage and excite your group? Look no further than Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. This classic novel is full of timeless themes and characters, making it perfect for a book club discussion. 

If you’re ready to get started, in this blog post we will briefly analyze the key takeaways from the timeless novel, and layout creative ideas to host a jane eyre themed book club to remember!

Jane Eyre: Book Summary

Jane Eyre was written by the English writer Charlotte Brontë–  an English novelist, poet, and the eldest of the three Brontë sisters who wrote classics of English literature, including her most famous novel, Jane Eyre.

When we first meet Jane she has been orphaned since childhood and has suffered years of mistreatment from her aunt’s family. Despite this difficult upbringing, Jane is determined to make something out of her life.

She eventually secures a position as governess at Thornfield Hall for the ward of Edward Rochester. There she meets Edward Rochester, the owner of Thornfield Hall and its secrets, and begins to fall in love with him. However, Edward is keeping a huge secret that threatens their relationship. 

As Jane slowly unravels the mystery of Thornfield Hall and its occupants, her romance with Rochester develops and deepens until finally, he proposes to her – but there’s a catch: he can’t marry her due to a previous marriage contract with another woman! 

In a bold move that defies convention, Jane leaves Thornfield in search of independence and stability before returning to save Rochester from his misfortune - if only it were so easy!

Ultimately Jane Eyre is an empowering story about making decisions based on what your heart tells you despite what society expects or believes. With captivating characters and masterful storytelling, it will keep you wanting more right up until its surprising ending.

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Top 3 Lessons We Can Learn From Jane Eyre

Through the narrative of Jane’s struggles with poverty, family troubles, unrequited love, and unfair treatment from those around her, readers can find plenty of inspiring and motivational life lessons that are applicable even today. Here are three valuable lessons we can take from Jane Eyre:

1. Believe in yourself

Throughout her life, Jane must fight against being undermined or underestimated for her lack of wealth and social standing. She learns to stand up for herself, follow her instincts, and trust in her voice despite external opposition or challenges. Her belief in herself ultimately guides her to the happiness she so rightfully deserves.

2. Embrace diversity 

Jane has no problem befriending and engaging with people from all walks of life. Whether they are wealthy or poor, educated or not - Jane never judges a person on their status but instead looks at who they are beneath it all. This helps broaden our horizons to understand those around us better without any prejudices.

3. Value honesty and truth

In many cases throughout the book, Jane opts for being honest rather than deceiving others - often paying a hefty price as a result. While we should also try to be as diplomatic as possible when dealing with other people’s feelings, we must prioritize integrity and stand behind our beliefs no matter what challenges may come our way.

How to Create a Jane-Eyre-Themed Book Club to Remember

If you're a fan of Jane Eyre, why not incorporate some of the novel's elements into your book club gathering? Below, we will provide you with some creative ideas, to make your book gathering as interesting and engaging as possible.  


To make it feel like a real event from the classic novel, start with decoration. Create moody centerpieces by mixing in candlelight with some ivy and flowers for an elegant yet gothic touch. 

Use lace to hang over the windows or doors and arrange portraits on walls for a truly Victorian vibe. Consider making creative displays for each character by incorporating props like books, feather pens, glasses, and maps - all representing their journey throughout the story. 

These little touches can bring out your appreciation for the work and make everyone feel as if they're attending a special event straight from Jane Eyre.  

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks inspired by Jane Eyre make a great addition to any book club! Start the evening with homemade blackberry tea cakes, in tribute to Mrs. Fairfax’s “rich recipe”. 

Serve alongside pots of hot English breakfast tea – brewed strong just as the characters in the novel enjoy. 

For dinner, make a comforting Shepherd’s Pie for everyone to enjoy. This savory classic is full of rich flavors and perfectly pairs with some freshly made bread rolls. 

Be sure to also include a refreshing drink for the evening such as elderflower cordial, another favorite from within the pages of Jane Eyre. Don't forget dessert – a slice of rich dark chocolate cake makes an indulgent ending to your night with Jane Eyre!



1. How did Bronte use gothic elements in Jane Eyre to add depth and meaning to the story?

2. In what ways do Rochester and Jane’s different backgrounds inform their relationship?

3. What were Bronte’s motivations for making Jane so independent?

4. In what ways does St John Rivers’ view of faith differ from Jane’s own beliefs?

5. Is it fair to label Bertha Mason a madwoman or does her behavior have more complexity than it first appears?

6. Do Jane and Rochester ultimately redeem each other or does their romance serve as a warning about love without mutual understanding??

7. Does Jane grow or change during the novel or is she merely exposed to different circumstances?

8. How does Bronte make use of social class divisions to highlight the unequal power dynamics between characters like Jane and Mrs. Reed or Rochester and Blanche Ingram?

9. What aspects of Victorian society did Bronte draw attention to with this novel if any?

10. How did readers react when the novel was originally published in 1847, particularly considering its bold presentation of female agency in an era when such stories weren’t as widely accepted?

Highlighted Notes

  1. Share a beautifully written phrase
  2. Share a phrase of advice or life lesson that resonated with you
  3. Share a phrase that portrayed symbolism and your interpretation
  4. Share a phrase that made you laugh 
  5. Share a phrase that moved you
  6. Share a phrase that provoked a different feeling

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