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  Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Does reading the Bible feel daunting? With 66 books and over 1,200 chapters, anyone would feel overwhelmed. According to statistics, 1 in 8 (12%) Christians admit they rarely or never read the Bible. While another study by Lifeway Research in 2016 purports that 1 in 5 (20%) Americans said they have read all the Bible at least once. At JournalOwl, we’d like to believe the statistic by Lifeway Research in that 1 out of 5 people in America have read the Bible at least once front to back. 

Here's the problem though: although they’ve read the Bible front to back, what have they comprehended? What have they applied to everyday living? What do they remember? And what have they discussed and dialogued about with others? The Bible is the word of God. Wouldn’t it be amazing to read book-by-book & chapter-by-chapter with your friends, family, and colleagues? Not only read it together but also answer thought-provoking questions about each chapter. 

This isn’t a quiz where you answer true or false questions. To truly comprehend subject matter, you must think through the question, reference the subject material, and devote time & effort to writing out your response in the context of your everyday life. At least that is how many successful and intelligent scholars deeply comprehend their area of expertise.

With JournalOwl, we have taken all 66 books of the Bible and broken them down chapter-by-chapter with thought-provoking questions to pick from, write about, and collaboratively discuss with people from across the world. Taking it a step further, you can Zoom video chat with a private Bible Study group of your choosing, or just follow along with the many other Christians participating. Knowing that you’re actively moving through the Bible with any other people at the same time brings comfort, assurance, and confidence that you can too be one of the 20% who has read the Bible cover-to-cover.  

Today, let’s looks at Exodus, the second book of the Bible. Did you know that Exodus has 40 distinct chapters? The Book of Exodus is the second book in the Old Testament which is 929 chapters in total. That’s a lot of reading! 

Let’s take a closer look at Exodus. The word itself means ‘a going out’. Moses was the leader that God chose to lead his people out. Exodus is a record of how the Israelites were saved out of Egypt from slavery. The book chronicles how the Israelites were led through the Sinai Desert over a 40-year period and brought to the borders of Canann. Ten plagues wreaked havoc on Egypt, along with the drying up of the sea to let them cross over into the Promise Land. Exodus dives into the journey of God’s people through the Sinai desert in pursuit of the Promise Land. 

Throughout the book of Exodus, you will read about miraculous events like the burning bush in chapter 3 and the ten plagues unleashed on Egypt in chapters 7 to 12. You’ll also learn more about the Passover in chapters 12 & 13, while studying the crossing of the Red Sea in chapters 13 to 15. 

Fast forward to chapter 16 and you’ll read and write about the Bread from Heaven, Water from the Rock in chapter 17, and Israel at Mount Sinai in Chapter 19. And if you’ve been living under a rock your entire life, we’ll move it off you to review the ten commandments in chapters 20 to 31. 

The book of Exodus also takes you into the making and erecting of the Tabernacle, where God’s glory came to dwell. All of these stories and more are being read and talked about with JournalOwl Bible Study Groups. For example, did you know that God turned the Nile to Blood? Or that darkness was laid on Egypt by God to discount the power of the “sun gods” (Ra, Aten, and Atmu)? 

With JournalOwl Bible Study Groups, you are led through each chapter of the bible in a self-paced journey of exploration. We greet you with thought-provoking questions to journal about that strengthen your understanding of scripture. What’s more is that we’ve developed built-in quizzes to help test your knowledge each step of the way; awarding you a badge if you pass the quiz; giving you access rights to private forums on JournalOwl to openly discuss with other like-minded believers. 

Don’t go at this journey alone in life. With JournalOwl, you can connect with other believers around the world in your quest to learn and grow with God. Share ideas, share stories, share fellowship! 

About JournalOwl Bible Study Groups

JournalOwl® launched Bible Study Groups to assist Christians with their quest to understand and apply God’s word. With 66 online Bible study challenges, participants can dive into God’s word by reading the Bible online and answering thought-provoking questions about each chapter. Bible study group leaders and Pastors can create private clubs for their Ministries and Churches to enable live Zoom discussions for weekly Bible study groups. 

Pastors and Ministers can pair JournalOwl’s Bible Study Groups with their video recorded Sunday lectures to create super challenges for their congregation on JournalOwl. Private, secure, and designed to help people comprehend Sunday’s message and the Bible – JournalOwl is a powerful tool for educational institutes and faith-based organizations. 

Health Disclaimer

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