Top 101 Mental Health Blogs of 2021

Are you focused on your mental health in 2021? If so, JournalOwl's top 101 mental health blogs of 2021 can help. These blogs cover various mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and OCD. Bookmark these blogs so you can use them as resources throughout the year. Of course, we're biased with JournalOwl leading the pack!

BlogSelf DevelopmentTop 101 Mental Health Blogs of 2021

Are you focused on your mental health in 2021? If so, JournalOwl's top 101 mental health blogs of 2021 can help. These blogs cover various mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and OCD. Bookmark these blogs so you can use them as resources throughout the year. Of course, we're biased with JournalOwl leading the pack!

1. JournalOwl

Journaling has long been recognized as a useful tool for coping with mental illness. JournalOwl’s blog goes over journaling tips to help you cope with mental illness while also explaining how to stop panic attacks, overcome health anxiety, and so much more. The long-form blog posts are heavily researched, with much of the information backed by scientific studies. JournalOwl also offers an online journaling platform you can use. Read the blog posts and then put what you learn to use by using the journaling platform.

2. The Art of Healing Trauma

Find out how PTSD survivor and blogger Heidi Hanson uses self-therapy to heal her trauma. You can learn some useful information about surviving trauma. The blog also contains reviews of books that focus on recovering from trauma.

3. The Anxiety Sisters

The two women behind this blog met in college and helped each other through panic attacks and other anxiety-related problems over the years. Now, they are assisting others in understanding and coping with anxiety. They also have guest bloggers from time to time, which provides yet another perspective.

4. Lawyers with Depression Blog

If you are a lawyer with depression, job stress can make mental illness worse. You probably feel like you have to hide who you are from the rest of the world, compounding the problem. This blog features posts from people just like you. They are lawyers with depression, and they can help you manage the condition while excelling in your career.

5. Love and Life Toolbox

Founded by Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT, the Love and Life Toolbox is jam-packed with tools. Use the site to learn how to improve your emotional wellness and your relationships. While you can stick to the free blog, there are paid resources on the site as well.

6. Depression Marathon

Depression can suck the motivation out of you, which is why the Depression Marathon blog is such an inspiration. The author was diagnosed with depression more than two decades ago. Like many people with depression, she turned to alcohol to numb it. Now, she’s sober, managing her mental illness, and an avid runner. She uses her blog to eliminate the stigma while also helping people reach their goals. You don’t have to run marathons to get a lot out of this blog.

7. Chipur

Mental health professional Bill White founded Chipur to address the need for information about bipolarity, anxiety, and depression. The site takes a deep dive into mental health and offers information you can use to manage your mental illness.  

8. Real Warriors

Real Warriors is part of a public education campaign to provide information about PTSD, depression, suicide, and more. While the blog is aimed at current and former military members, you can benefit, even if you haven’t served. The entire blog is full of information, but it shines when it comes to personal stories.

9. The Worry Games

Is your anxiety interfering with your day-to-day life? Find out how to cope and learn more about treatment on this blog. The informative posts can help you finally break free from your worry games.

10.  Through the Darkness

This blog details the author’s emotional journey through the darkness. Find out how the blogger overcame suicidal thoughts and other struggles. You are sure to get inspired after reading this personal account of living with depression.

11.  Wounded Times

Wounded Times is a bit different from other blogs that help readers deal with PTSD. A non-profit ministry runs it, so it’s religious. If you want to combine religion and healing from trauma, this is an excellent place to start.

12.  Pick the Brain

Do you want to become a better person? Learn how to improve yourself while overcoming stress, anxiety, and more on this blog. This blog is an excellent tool if you need a little push to reach your goals. That extra push can help you manage anxiety and depression as well.

13.  The Anxiety Guy

Dennis Simsek is the Anxiety Guy, and he’s made helping others his mission. Find out why you’re feeling stuck, how to overcome the fear of being by yourself, ways to reduce stress levels, and so much more on this blog.

14.  Lighting Up the Sky

Suicide awareness and prevention are at the heart of Lighting Up the Sky. Go over research and statistics, find out what legislation is in the pipeline, and connect with prevention resources. While this blog is not a replacement for mental health services, it can save lives.

15.  Time to Change

If you want to read personal experiences from people who have struggled with depression, check out Time to Change. The short posts focus on specific aspects of depression, such as the importance of talking about it. You can soak up a lot of information quickly on this website.

16.  A Splintered Mind

Douglas Cootey has been part of numerous award-winning projects, including A Splintered Mind. The blog focuses on depression and ADHD, and while these are serious topics, his signature humor fits in perfectly. He tackles the stigma of mental illness head-on and provides lots of valuable information. Check it out to see why Cootey is considered one of the best mental health bloggers around.

17.  OCDtalk

OCDtalk was created to bring awareness to this condition. Created by a mother after watching her son struggle with severe OCD, the mission is personal, and the content is helpful. Follow the blog to learn more about OCD and find out what’s being said in the media. You can also learn about upcoming events on the blog.

18.  Postpartum Progress

Before Postpartum Progress, there weren’t a lot of resources for women suffering from postpartum depression. This blog contains information about mental health concerns that you might face during your pregnancy and after you give birth.

19.  OCD Therapist Blog by Carol Edwards

Dealing with OCD is mentally taxing. You need a way to cope, and Carol Edwards can help. Her posts have the perfect balance of compassion and useful information that can help you face your OCD head-on.

20.  Resolving Trauma and PTSD

If you need help resolving complex trauma and living with PTSD, this blog can help. You can read about real-world examples and strategies that work. This blog will arm you with the tools you need to handle your PTSD.

21.  Depression Warrior

Laura Becker is a true warrior. She’s been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, and borderline personality disorder. She’s overcome borderline personality disorder but still deals with anxiety and depression. With personal stories and ample research, she helps others who are fighting mental illness. You can unlock your inner warrior on this blog, even if you have treatment-resistant depression.

22.  Anxiety Slayer

You can find inner peace with help from Anxiety Slayer. Learn exercises and discover other tools that will help you slay your anxiety.

23.  From Both Sides of the Couch

Imagine getting to pick the brain of someone who has been both a therapist and a patient. That’s just what you’ll do when you visit this blog. Learn about dealing with a borderline personality disorder, depression, eating disorders, and more on this insightful blog.

24.  NOCD

Reading this blog can help you improve your daily life. The blog is meant to be a source of inspiration while also helping you find the answers you need. Learn about different treatments and discover how you can get help for your OCD.

25.  Beautiful Voyager

Read personal stories from people who are suffering from mental health issues on this blog. You can find out what strategies others have used to manage anxiety, depression, and more on this blog. With so many strategies available on the blog, you’re sure to find something that helps you.

26.  Storied Mind

John Folk-Williams once struggled with depression. He discovered a way out, and now, he’s sharing his wisdom with others. That includes information on how to live life when you are depressed.

27.  The Independent – Anxiety

Read the latest breaking news about anxiety on The Independent’s website. Because this is a news site, you can find out about the latest research. The timely articles shed light on anxiety and can help you cope with your symptoms.

28.  Centre for Mental Health

The Centre for Mental Health includes real-life stories and resources that you can use during your journey. You can learn how to manage your mental illness and discover a life beyond trauma on this blog.

29.  Free from Social Anxiety

Social anxiety doesn’t get as much attention as generalized anxiety disorder does, but it’s serious and can get in the way of enjoying your life. This blog will help you manage your social anxiety so you can begin to look forward to social situations.

30.  Healthy Place

Healthy Place is your one-stop blog for all things related to mental health. The blog will help you develop healthy habits while also learning about the science behind mental illness. Spend some time on this blog to brush up on your mental illness knowledge and get real-life tips you can use today.

31.  The Guardian

The Guardian’s depression blog contains the latest news on the topic. That includes information about antidepressant use, well-being, and lockdown-induced anxiety.  

32.  Creatives Aga;nst Depression

Are you a creative struggling with depression? If so, this site was made for you. Just as you’d expect, it’s creative while also providing useful information about depression.

33.  The Conversation

The Conversation’s anxiety blog is the perfect place to find the latest news and information. Various people contribute to the blog, including professors of psychiatry and psychology. The posts are well-researched and informative while still being enjoyable to read.  

34.  The Mental Elf

Staying on top of mental health policies and research can feel like a full-time job. Fortunately, The Mental Elf can handle this for you. Check-in often to find out what’s going on in the world of mental health.

35.  Brijadesnow

Depression creeps up into everyday life. How do you deal with it? Learn some strategies on this blog. You will also learn how to reach your goals, understand your self-worth, and so much more.

36.  Live Free Coaching

Blogger Angie suffered from OCD and an eating disorder for more than 10 years. After some introspection, she realized her real problem was a misunderstanding of who she was. Angie also placed too much attention on things that didn’t matter, causing her anxiety to increase. Find out how she overcame these issues on her blog.

37.  The Huffington Post – Depression

The Huffington Post often posts articles about depression. You can visit the site and look at all of the articles the site has published. These articles include red flags for situational depression, signs you’re dealing with seasonal depression, and so much more.

38.  Beyond Meds

Monica Cassani’s blog, Beyond Meds, is one of the industry’s most recognized mental health resources. She takes a holistic approach to manage mental health issues, including anxiety and depression. This blog is a good starting point if you are disillusioned with Big Pharma and looking at alternative solutions.

39.  APA Blog

The American Psychiatric Association’s blog is an excellent resource for mental health information. You can find the latest research and trends on the blog, and it provides some useful tips for people struggling with mental health.

40.  Blurt

If you need help managing anxiety or depression or supporting someone you love, check out Blurt. You will find out how to help others and how to live with mental illness. This blog is empowering and can help you get your life back.

41.  The SANE Blog

SANE Australia is a national mental health charity, and it runs one of the most popular blogs in the industry. The authors often pluck headlines from the news and explain how to cope with those issues while also dealing with mental illness. The authors also recognize that some problems, such as the stigma of mental illness, are always timely. They include posts about those issues as well.

42.  Betty’s Battleground

PTSD can be a struggle on its own, but the battle is compounded when you become a parent. If you’re parenting with PTSD, this blog was created for you. Find out how to rise to the challenge, manage your symptoms, and so much more. Betty’s story is sure to inspire you and help you with your struggles.

43.  Anxiety Boss

Dr. Carlo Carandang’s blog, Anxiety Boss, can help you find the right treatment for your anxiety. The blog is broken up into numerous categories, including anxiety for men and anxiety for women. You can learn about panic attacks and disorders, performance anxiety, and so much more. Find out how you can manage your anxiety at home and how treatment can benefit you in this helpful blog.

44.  Jenni Shaefer – Trauma and PTSD

Jenni Shaefer uses her experience of recovering from an eating disorder to help others dealing with trauma and PTSD. This blog is a helpful tool if you suffer from an eating disorder or another form of addiction, although that isn’t necessary. Even if you aren’t trying to overcome a habit, it’s a helpful resource. 

45.  Open Forest

If you want to read evidence-based mental health content, look no further than the Open Forest blog. It’s run by a psychiatrist and full of posts related to trauma and mental health. It even covers chronic pain management, which can be tied to mental health.

46.  Hope for Depression

Hope for Depression can help you find hope when you’re fighting against a mental illness. Learn how to manage your stress, get mental health facts, and much more.

47.  MedStar Health

MedStar Health’s blog covers a wide range of mental health topics, including holiday grief, support during a pandemic, and seasonal depression. Whether you are worried about a loved one’s mental health or struggling with your issues, this blog can be helpful.

48.  Dr. Deb

Dr. Deborah Serani is a psychologist who focuses on depression and trauma. Her blog has become a lifeline for countless men and women who are dealing with mental illness. You can learn about self-care, treatment, triggers, and so much more on the blog. She also posts fun quizzes from time to time.  

49.  Depression Resource

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or another mental health issue, completing everyday tasks can be overwhelming. This blog aims to help you accomplish your daily tasks on your path toward managing your mental illness. 

50.  Rebecca Lombardo’s Survivor’s Blog

Rebecca Lombardo’s Survivor’s Blog is among the most powerful on the internet. The blog covers mental illness, post-traumatic stress, and surviving. You can read stories from survivors around the world, and you’re sure to get inspired

51.  Anxiety Guru

Licensed therapist Paul Dooley runs the podcast, The Anxiety Guru Show, and wrote the book “How to Stop Anxious Thinking.” He also runs this blog to help people cope with anxiety. You will learn about the symptoms and sensations associated with anxiety and what you can do to manage it. This timely blog also contains information to help you handle current events that might trigger your anxiety. 

52.  A Blog About Healing from PTSD

The author of this blog has been diagnosed with PTSD, as has her husband. Using her own experiences, she writes about healing while reducing the stigma surrounding PTSD and other mental health issues.

53.  Relief from Anxiety

You can find tips and support that provide relief from anxiety on this blog. The posts are timely and include information on dealing with anxiety during a pandemic.

54.  C PTSD – A Way Out

This blog is the ideal resource for anyone who has PTSD. Learn about the hidden components of PTSD, unravel complex trauma, and so much more.

55.  Anxious Toddlers – OCD Parenting Survival

Child therapist Natasha Daniels created this blog to help people struggling to raise kids while also dealing with anxiety or OCD. If your mental health issues are making it hard to parent, this is the blog for you.

56.  Anxiety Training Blog

This blog was created for mental health professionals, but you can benefit from it as well. The blog contains strategies you can use to overcome your anxiety.

57.  PTSD - Accepting, Coping, Thriving

The woman who started this blog has lived with PTSD since around the age of five. She is open with her experiences and takes you through the healing process. The blog is powerful and informative and can help you as you work to reclaim your life.

58.  Depression Army

If you suffer from depression, you might feel like you’re wearing a mask when you’re out, and being around others can be difficult. You also might have trouble admitting you need help. These are just some of the topics covered in this insightful blog.  

59.  Yeah OCD (?) (!)

OCD can create a daily struggle. You might have to try different treatments and methods to find something that works. You don’t have to work at it by yourself, though. The author of this blog has been diagnosed with OCD and explains what he does to cope. You can find useful nuggets of information that can help you during your journey.

60.  Freedom Within: My Journey Through Domestic Violence & PTSD

PTSD can feel overwhelming, but you can get some inspiration by reading the Freedom Within Blog. Written by a domestic violence survivor who currently has PTSD, this blog will help you navigate your symptoms and learn to enjoy life once again. Once you manage your symptoms, you’ll feel free.

61.  Sick Not Weak

With videos and blog posts, Sick Not Weak provides a wealth of information about mental illness. The website is populated with posts from people from around the world. While the stories are different, there is a common theme. Mental illness is a sickness, but it is not a weakness.

62.  I Haven’t Shaved In 6 Weeks

Lindsey Hall spent six weeks in rehab for an eating disorder when she was just 24. Now, she uses her blog to detail her experience, including her recovery from her eating disorder. If you struggle with an eating disorder, Lindsey can serve as an inspiration.

63.  ChatOwl

ChatOwl is the place to go if you want to feel like a mental health expert. The blog deep dives into topics like seasonal affective disorder and how things aren’t always as they appear when it comes to mental health. The blog also covers some useful tips for managing your mental illness.

64.  Blunt Therapy

If you want straight talk about mental health, check out the Blunt Therapy blog. Written by a therapist, it covers an assortment of topics, including toxic relationships, coping with stress, and preventing anxiety from taking over your relationships.  

65.  Mind and The Gap

Mind and The Gap is chock full of helpful information. Popular topics include helplines, sleepwalking, suicide, and mindfulness. You can also learn some little-known symptoms of mental illness. Relatable and informative, Mind and The Gap should be on your reading list.  

66.  The OCD Diaries

Bill Brenner started the OCD Diaries during a depressive episode but soon expanded his writing to include addictive behavior, OCD, and physical health. It’s easy to connect with him when reading his blog posts.

67.  Dr. Adeoye Oyewole

Instead of focusing on a single mental illness, Dr. Oyewole’s blog focuses on total mental well-being. After you spend some time on this blog, you’ll have a much better understanding of mental health, including the cultural aspects behind it.

68.  The Change Triangle

If you suffer from depression, anxiety, or another mental health condition, identifying emotions can be difficult. Hilary Jacobs Hendel helps people understand their emotions on her blog, The Change Triangle.

69.  Anxiety Gone

When Chantal McCulligh first experienced anxiety as a child, she decided to dedicate herself to helping others. That’s just what she’s done with her blog, Anxiety Gone. The blog tackles essential topics, such as the causes of anxiety and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

70.  Anxious Lass

Blogger Kelly Jean opens up about mental health struggles and more on this blog. She also offers some quick tips for managing different anxiety-producing situations.

71.  Dr. Sarah McKay

Neuroscientist Dr. Sarah McKay makes complicated mental health issues easy to understand on her blog. If you want to understand the brain and mental health, this blog is the perfect starting point. She might be a neuroscientist, but she knows how to write in a way that’s easy to understand.

72.  The Anarchist Soccer Mom

Self-professed soccer mom Liza Long uses her blog to help others who are dealing with depression. Visit the blog to find out how she navigated depression that started in college and continues to do so as a mother of four. 

73.  Bipolar Buzz

Bipolar Buzz is a unique mental health blog. It’s run by a mother and daughter duo, both of whom have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The blog details their experiences of living with bipolar disorder and can help you overcome the obstacles you face with your mental health struggles. If you want to get past the stigma and learn useful information, you’ll want to read this blog.

74.  Therese Borchard

Therese Borchard is a mental health writer and advocate. She serves as the Associate Editor at PsychCenter and is a Contributing Editor at HealthCentral. In her free time, she also manages to have one of the top mental health blogs on the internet. Visit the blog to learn about holistic healing and managing depression.

75.  No Panic

No Panic helps people who suffer from OCD, phobias, panic attacks, and other anxiety disorders. The UK-based charity also runs a blog that’s filled with helpful information. Find out how to cope with loneliness, break free from self-harm, sleep better, and more. The blog is updated regularly, and each post is well thought out and informative.

76.  Elisha Goldstein, PhD

Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D.’s blog is full of information about managing trauma, depression, anxiety, stress, and addictive behavior. The blog takes a deep dive into mindfulness and overcoming mental health issues. Between the blog posts and short videos, you can easily find the content you need to deal with whatever issue you’re facing.

77.  Alison Dotson

Alison Dotson doesn’t just write about OCD. She’s living with it. She was diagnosed when she was 26, and now, she helps others with the condition. Her blog is full of useful information, including interviews with people in the OCD community. If you’re trying to fight off intrusive thoughts, you should check out this blog.

78.  Jennifer Marshall

Jennifer Marshall has lived with bipolar disorder for more than 15 years, and it doesn’t slow her down. Her blog contains useful and actionable tips you can use to manage a mental health disorder. You will also learn about her past when she was first diagnosed with mental illness and didn’t yet know how to handle it. This blog is helpful and inspiring and a must-add to your reading list.

79.  Bipolar Happens

Julie A. Fast is a best-selling author and mental health expert. Her blog is a top resource for people who have bipolar disorder. You can read about bipolar triggers, find out how to manage suicidal thoughts, and more. This blog is consistently recognized as one of the best for bipolar disorder, and with frequent updates, you’ll always have access to new information.  

80.  NAMI Blog

The National Alliance on Mental Illness is more than a resource for finding a therapist or treatment. It also runs a popular and informative blog. Mental health professionals upload posts that provide actionable tips you can follow to manage mental health issues.

81.  HeadsUpGuys

Depression is hard enough on its own without dealing with the stigmas associated with it. If you’re a guy with depression, you face the stigma that it’s a sign of weakness or it’s emasculating. HeadsUpGuys break the stigma with posts from men who are dealing with depression. You’ll even find posts from professional athletes on the blog.

82.  Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Pull back the curtain and discover what others are dealing with on the Let’s Talk About Mental Health blog. The blog is a landing spot for stories from people around the world. Anyone can submit a story, and you can share your experiences here, too. Even if you don’t share your story, reading what others are going through is helpful. You will read about people from all walks of life who have one thing in common – they are dealing with mental health issues.

83.  Daisies & Bruises

Amy Louise started the Daisies & Bruises blog as an online journal. Now, it’s a popular mental health blog with a worldwide readership. The author started the online journal to write about the details of a sexual assault, and it turned into a spot for people to learn how to find inner peace and healing.

84.  bpHope Blog

Bloggers from around the globe share insight and guidance on living with bipolar disorder on this blog. Using their own experiences, they provide one-of-a-kind insight on a variety of topics, ranging from dealing with a mental health crisis to handling relationships. Most importantly, the writers will teach you how to maintain hope and happiness after a diagnosis. 

85.  Therapy for Black Girls

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford created this blog to remove the stigma that Black girls and women face when seeking help for mental health issues. It includes resources for those who want to seek therapy, along with treatment alternatives.

86.  I’ve Got Your Back

If you spend much time on Quora’s mental health spaces, you might have heard of Anita Sanz. She answers a lot of questions on the site and also has her own space titled “I’ve Got your Back.” This space includes lots of tips and insights into handling mental illness.

87.  What I Be Project

The What I Be Project isn’t your normal blog. Think of it as a photoblog that celebrates differences and overcomes stereotypes. If you are working on your self-worth, stop by the blog. It can help you break down stereotypes and embrace who you are.

88.  Good Therapy

Learn about mental illness and get tips about therapy on the Good Therapy blog. You can learn about different treatments, such as EMDR, and so much more. You can even find out about using teletherapy during the pandemic.

89.  We’re All Mad Here

We’re All Mad Here covers topics related to anxiety, including social anxiety. The blog is humorous and helpful, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself going back to it time and time again.

90.  Radical Transformation Project

The Radical Transformation Project’s author has spent her life dealing with anxiety and depression. She uses the blog to share what she has learned. Reading through the posts can help you gain insight into managing depression and anxiety.

91.  Talkspace

Talkspace’s blog covers various topics, such as the symptoms of major depressive order, steps to cope with anxiety, and treatment for adjustment disorders. This is just a glimpse of what you can expect with this blog, so check it out.

92.  PsychCentral

The PsychCentral blog covers all topics related to mental health and well-being. Learn about dark therapy, discover how to change your thoughts and behaviors, find out how to break free from codependency, and so much more.

93.  Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation’s blog offers a cornucopia of information. Much of the information is specific to particular groups, such as university students, men, and women. With pages and pages of posts, you can easily spend days going through this blog.

94.  Dear Therapist

Marriage and family therapist Lori Gottlieb answers questions from readers in this weekly Atlantic column. Her answers are full of honesty and compassion and will help you improve your mental health.

95.  Banyan Mental Health

Banyan Mental Health’s blog is a wonderful resource for people who have a mental illness. You can use the blog to learn coping strategies and get inspiration. You can also use the blog as a resource to help you provide the necessary support to a loved one.

96.  Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Learn more about mental health disorders and treatment on the Anxiety and Depression Association of America’s blog. The blog is full of strategies, research, and essential information.

97.  Patrice M. Foster

Teen anxiety and depression are serious issues. Patrice M. Foster covers the topics in her blog. Whether you are a teen or the parent of a teen, this blog is a useful resource.

98.  Wing of Madness

Wing of Madness has been an internet staple since it launched in 1995. Over the years, it’s become the go-to resource for understanding depression. You will also find out how to recognize the symptoms and learn your treatment options. Plus, the blog stays on top of the latest news.

99.  Alexandra Massey

Are you looking for advice to help you through your depression? Check out Alexandra Massey’s blog. She provides advice on medication, exercise, and so much more. You will walk away with tons of knowledge after you spend time on this blog.

100.             The OCD Stories

OCD can make you feel lonely and isolated. Reading stories from others that also have OCD can alleviate those feelings. That’s what’s so great about the OCD Stories. Real people who have OCD publish their stories on the website.  You can also check out the podcast to get additional help for your OCD.

101.             Happiful Magazine

Happiful is a lifestyle magazine that focuses on mental health. The blog contains hundreds of pages of posts that help you live a happier and healthier life. From overcoming delusional thinking to getting the most out of virtual exercises, this blog covers numerous topics.


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