2 Samuel Bible Study


The book of 2 Samuel chronicles David's anointing and reign as king of Israel. David is remembered as the greatest king in Israel's history. Because of David's faithfulness, the Lord blessed and honored David. JournalOwl takes you through 24 chapters of 2 Samuel with educational videos and thought-provoking journal questions. Join us today!


If we honor the Lord, He honors us. In this JournalOwl Bible Study challenge, you'll learn about the Israelites putting their trust in the ark of God rather than in God Himself. They identified that in order to receive the Lord's help, we must place our faith in Him and keep His commandments. In this free challenge, you will:

  • Watch a short educational video each day
  • Read a quick summary of each book (24 total) in 2 Samuel with an option to submit your own summary
  • Dive into the King Jame's version of the Bible to read 2 Samuel 
  • Answer thought-provoking questions in your JournalOwl Bible Study 
  • Participant in short quizzes and polls to test your understanding and increase comprehension
  • Live chat with other like-minded truth seekers like yourself from around-the-world



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