Acts Bible Study


The Book of Acts depicts the shift from Jewish Christianity to Gentile Christianity as relatively smooth and portrays the Roman government as regarding the Christian doctrine as harmless. This book is the earliest “church history,” viewing the church as guided by the Spirit until a future Parousia (coming of the Lord).

JournalOwl takes you through a 28-step journey of online Bible education, journaling, and reflection with built-in quizzes and polls. You can invite your friends and family too!


The Book of Acts is about the continuing work of Jesus. What better way to understand the Word of God than to dive into it step-by-step with a short educational video, scripture, and a series of thought-provoking questions to answer? With this JournalOwl Bible Study journey, you can:

  • Invite your friends, family, and Bible Study group members to join you.
  • Participate in the built-in quizzes and polls to test your understanding and improve comprehension
  • Submit your own thought-provoking questions to JournalOwl for others to answer
  • Join group discussion and learn from others experience applying the Book of Acts in life

JournalOwl's Bible Study journey is designed to break the 66 books of the Bible into digestible pieces. Too many people feel overwhelmed attempting to read the Bible from start to finish. By methodically working your way through the Holy Bible in a fun, interactive, and socially engaging manner -- you'll start to feel the Holy Spirit work in your life. Many of our participants re-take the same journey many times over!

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