Breaking Free of Co-Dependency

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Codependent relationships can be difficult to identify at first. The signs of a codependent relationship at first may be subtle, growing into something larger over time. In order to spot a codependent relationship, you will want to look over the following signs. A codependent relationship does not have to have all of these signs but it may have some of these that can clue you in at the start of a relationship whether or not it is unhealthy or not. The hallmark sign of a codependent relationship is one in which you focus almost entirely on the relationship without thinking about your other needs or the other person’s needs. A codependent relationship is one quite literally where you depend on the other person and they depend on you. While this can be normal in relationships to some extent, when you find yourself only caring for the person and not caring for others is when you may be in a codependent relationship.


Codependent relationships can also have some detrimental effects. When you are in a codependent relationship, it can have some negative effects as well as if a codependent relationship ends. During a codependent relationship, it can become very easy to lose all of your self-worth and self-esteem. This is because your worth has come to depend on someone else and someone else’s happiness. 

During the relationship, this may make it so that you lose your own value and do not think highly about yourself unless you are thinking about yourself in the context of the other person. Therefore, you may begin to feel that your entire worth depends on the other person and that if you do not have them, you are worth nothing. 

This can become problematic when you are with someone and you get into an argument. When you get into an argument with them, you may end up believing that your worth and needs do not matter.

We designed this 12-step journal challenge to help educate you on co-dependence. We help you to recognize the signs, but also lead you through ways to overcome it. Most importantly, we provide you with thought-provoking questions that allow you to uncover (through journaling) why you are in this situation. By self-inspecting through answering high-quality questions, you will uncover the truth about yourself and hopefully establish harmonious and healthy relationships going forward. 

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