Joshua Bible Study


The Book of Joshua is the sixth book in the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament, and is the first book of the Deuteronomistic history, the story of Israel from the conquest of Canaan to the Babylonian exile. The book shows God's faithfulness to his covenant with the Israelites to bring them into the land he promised to Abraham. Joshua points to the covenant of obedience before, during, and after God fulfills his promises.


A challenge from the book of Joshua is 24 steps. With JournalOwl, you are met daily with a quick summary of each book, a short educational video, scripture from the King James Bible, and a growing library of thought-provoking questions to write about and study. JournalOwl makes Bible study fun, engaging, and repeatable by providing you with: 

  • A secure online format to explore scripture, take private notes, and Bible journal
  • If you'd prefer speaking your thoughts, you can answer the JournalOwl questions with Audio or Video directly into your online Bible Journal 
  • Jump directly into online forums with other like-minded believers around the world who are also studying specific sections of scripture -- just like you! 
  • Answer built-in quizzes to strengthen your understanding and comprehension of scripture
  • Take group polls on a variety of topics with other Believers working through each Bible challenge

You also have the option of inviting your church group to JournalOwl with a private Bible study challenge. With Journaler+, you can take your Bible Study experience to the next level with live secure video meetups with your Bible group, 1:1 messaging, and no restrictions on word count!

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