Psalms Bible Study


Psalms is a collection of 150 songs that Israel sang to God and one another. Arguably the most popular book in the Holy Bible, Psalms was written by many different authors (not just David). While most of Scripture delivers words from God to man, the Psalms provide man with Spirit-inspired words to pray and sing to God.


This online Psalms Bible Study group challenge will provide you with: 

  • A meaningful introduction to each chapter in the Book of Psalms
  • A short educational 'primer' video clip to orient yourself before studying each chapter
  • A chapter-by-chapter excerpt of the Book of Psalms w/ option to listen (audio)
  • A growing list of community-inspired journal prompt questions to answer
  • A secure & structured online journal to answer thought-provoking questions 
  • Community forums to discuss scripture with others around the world
  • Built-in quizzes to solidify your understanding and comprehension of scripture

Upgrade to Journaler+ to receive additional benefits like:

  • Private Groups: Start your own private Bible Study Group*
  • Audio option: listen to scripture each step of the challenge
  • Unlimited Word Count: Journaler+ provides unlimited writing options for participants
  • Imagery & Video: add imagery and videos to your journal responses 

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