Quit Smoking the JournalOwl Way

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Still puffing away? Walking away from smoking can seem insurmountable. It can be done though! Breaking it down step by step will make it easier.The benefits of quitting are scientifically proven: Improves sense of taste Lowers risk of heart disease Better lung function Reduces risks of cancer

Quit Smoking the JournalOwl Way


Are you a smoker? 

You’re not alone. Cigarettes are smoked by over 1 billion people, which is nearly 20% of the world’s population. And 15% of global deaths are attributed to smoking. In some countries, it’s more than 1-in-5 deaths. Wow. 1-in-5 deaths.

Let us help you quit this horrible habit once and for all. With JournalOwl’s growing community of ex-smokers, along with our guided 21-day challenge, you can be well on your way to a smoke-free lifestyle. 

How does it work?

By starting this challenge, you commit to journaling daily and living smoke-free for the next 21 days. Over the next 21 days, starting today, you will answer a series of questions designed to help you uncover the underlying reasons why you continue to smoke. To manage the stress and anxiety of early withdrawal, we augment your journaling challenge with a guided breathing exercise.

At the end of the 21 days, you should be smoke-free and living a much healthier life.

Ready to get started?