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Alcohol can rob you of your health, your money, and your family. This journaling challenge prepares you to quit.Cutting down on alcohol is linked to: Deeper sleep A slimmer waistline More energy and a better mood More time and money

Quitting Alcohol Online Journal Group


Alcohol can be highly addictive, and the jury is still out about the supposed health benefits of alcohol. Sure, a glass or two of red wine with dinner might serve you well – but do you really need that 4th martini? 

If you are like most, you are a creature of habit and depend on your “social crutch” to butterfly your way through a party. But if you came here to get your drinking back in check, we can help. 

In this group challenge, you will slowly ween yourself from alcohol. Each day, we will ask you pointed questions to help you understand the complex emotional and physical relationship between you and alcohol. Trust us, it's more complicated than you think! 

Each day, you choose whether to display your journal answers in our public forums (anonymously of course!) for other group members to provide positive and encouraging feedback. Knowing that you're not alone in your addiction can make all the difference. 

We will also educate you with scientific information about the negative health and social consequences of too much alcohol. With your full commitment to our challenge, you will be alcohol-free each day while you answer thought-provoking questions about you continue to drink. Are you ready to get your drinking under control?  

Well, com’on, let’s get started!

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