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Gratitude is a powerful tool. Showing thanks for the smallest things can transform your perspective. Let us transform your outlook in life!Keeping a gratitude journal has scientifically proven benefits. Darkness and gratitude cannot co-exist at the same time. By practicing gratitude every day with journaling, you can reshape your attitude, and ultimately your life! Join others around the world in our 21-days to gratitude. Our challenge: Can lower stress levels Help reshape perspective Creates a safe-zone for your eyes only Combats depression and anxiety


Does it seem like life is busier than ever before? You are always putting out fires or handling obligations, and it all becomes a blur. When you’re always hustling, it can be challenging to find the joy in life. That, in turn, makes it hard to be grateful.  Fortunately, you don’t have to make a significant life change to bring gratitude into your life. You can accomplish it by starting a gratitude journal on JournalOwl. Committing as little as five minutes a day to writing in a gratitude journal can change your life for the better.

Writing in a gratitude journal has been proven to benefit people mentally, socially, and physically. If you’re like most people, your mental health could use a boost. If so, you need to increase your level of gratitude. Research has shown that dedicating five minutes a day to writing in a gratitude journal can increase happiness by more than 10 percent (Courtney E. Ackerman, 2020). When you notice what you have, you end up with a more positive outlook in life. You realize that you have so much to be grateful for, so you can’t help but be happy!

Over the next 21 days, we will guide you through a series of daily questions and prompts to help you reflect upon what you are most grateful for in life. All we ask for is 5 minutes of your day, starting today, to reflect on what makes you grateful. Hands-on keyboard, butt in seat, and get ready to start declaring your gratitude!

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