As a YouTube creator, connect your channel and transform your ideas into step-by-step journeys for deep divers to watch, write, analyze, and discuss.


JournalClips is an innovative way to dissect, analyze, and discuss rich media content like the news, educational videos, or other topics of interest. With our seamless integration into YouTube, content creators can:

  • Link their YouTube channel directly to JournalOwl and transform their videos into Journeys. 
  • Clip videos into JournalClips and inject essay/journal prompt questions to encourage critical thinking.
  • Create quizzes & polls throughout videos to reinforce key points and improve comprehension. 

Other ways to leverage JournalOwl and YouTube include:

  • Clipping videos to help structure in-depth educational essays.
  • Writing movie critiques with built-in templates. 
  • And much more!