Deep dive into any media type! YouTube videos, eBooks, news reports, academic papers, and white papers. Elevate the structure of your book club with a journey.


Earn a variety of badges to prove a level of mastery

Critical thinking can seem daunting on your own. With JournalOwl's journeys, you participate in journeys to analyze and critique a topic of your choice. If you meet the qualification criterion set by the journey creator, you earn a badge. That badge is your ticket into convergence (the town square) to discuss ideas openly and productively with other critical thinkers. 

The gamification of knowledge has proven to be a highly transformative and effective way of learning. Incorporating play elements into the learning process makes learning more enjoyable and engaging, leading to greater retention of information. 

Trying to utilize the gamification elements and help you boost your critical thinking skills, JournalOwl is taking this concept to the next level with its feature, Journeys. With Journeys, you can earn a variety of badges to prove a level of mastery of the media type of your choice!


Q: What Exactly Are Journeys?

JournalOwl is a cutting-edge platform that is revolutionizing the way we consume media. With its unique feature, Journeys, it makes it possible to dive deep into any media type – be it YouTube videos, eBooks, news reports, academic papers, or white papers. The goal of JournalOwl is to provide an immersive and educational experience for its users, and Journeys is the perfect tool to achieve that.

With Journeys, you can participate in an open or private journey to analyze and critique a topic of your choice. Whether you're interested in politics, science, or technology, JournalOwl has a journey that will suit your needs. 

Think of a Journey as a fun process that allows you to absorb media in a meaningful way while developing your critical skills with quizzes, polls, thought-provoking questions, open discussion, and debates. 

Q: Who Sets the Criteria to Earn a Badge?

The journey creator sets the qualification criteria, and if you meet these criteria, you earn a badge. This badge is your ticket into the convergence hall, where you can discuss ideas openly and productively with other critical thinkers.

The journey creator sets the pace and direction of the journey, ensuring that you'll be able to focus on the most critical aspects of the topic. This will help you to understand the topic in greater detail and give you a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Q: Where Can I Showcase My Badge?

Journeys are also a great way to showcase your expertise and earn recognition for your knowledge. By participating in journeys, you can demonstrate your critical thinking skills and gain valuable insights into the topics that interest you. When you earn a badge for completing a journey, you can add it to your profile, which serves as a testament to your expertise.

Q: Are Journeys Free to Make, and Can I Profit From Creating Them?

Yes, and yes! JournalOwl provides the Journey feature for free to all its members. You can experiment and enrichen your journey as much or as little as you want. You choose if you want to insert simple questions or even add imagery, audio, videos, polls, quizzes, etc. — the opportunities are truly endless. If you decide to publish your created Journey for other people to complete, you’ll enjoy 100% of the subscription fees to join your channel. 

Q: Who Has Access to My Journey?

Journeys are highly customizable. If you're interested in a specific topic, you can create a private journey and invite only those you think would be interested - the choice is up to you! This is a great way to build a community of like-minded individuals who can collaborate and share ideas.

Journeys will help you grasp all the details of the content while having fun in the process.