Journaling Challenges

Science-based expressing writing challenges to overcome hurts, hang-ups, and bad habits.

Are You Feeling...

  • Anxious about the future? Concerned about your finances, your health, or the general state of the world economy?
  • Trapped in a cycle of negative thinking? Unable to just “feel happy” in your day-to-day life without knowing why?
  • Stuck at the same weight, the same dead-end job, or the same paycheck-to-paycheck pattern of living?
  • Confused about the purpose of life?

If any of this applies to you, JournalOwl’s Writing Challenges are the perfect option to explore. Each challenge has been designed to provide you with daily structure, inspiration, and science-backed evidence of how expressive writing will help you overcome some of life’s most difficult obstacles. Pick from a growing library of free journaling challenges.

Tap a journaling challenge to learn more.

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