10 Days of Staying in the Moment

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10 Days of Staying in the Moment
 Duration: 10 Days

Each morning, Epictetus' students, including Arrian, were to ask themselves what they needed to do to better conquer their own fears and unruly appetites and to rid themselves from any vestiges of unjustified suffering. They were invited to think about what steps they needed to take to reach their full potential for living wisely and values like justice, courage, and temperance. 

Being inspired by these daily lessons from Epictetus, we have created a 10-day journaling challenge for you, where each day is a new lesson. As Epictetus' students asked themselves, the questions you will ask yourself will be answered by you in your journal. 

Your goal for this challenge is to reflect on the lesson given, think about how it relates to your own life, and work with introspection. 

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