5 Days of Journaling through Chronic Pain

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5 Days of Journaling through Chronic Pain
 Duration: 5 Days

We all want to live a life free of pain and illness. The disease may be overcome with chronic pain, but the pain may linger. We need to focus on the quality of life regarding aspects of our lives regarding health and happiness. Chronic pain can steal our ability to live a good life, which makes it important that we deal with it in a systematic and lucrative way. 

Studies demonstrate that our perception of pain intensity decreases when we redirect our focus away from a painful situation. But how are we supposed to concentrate on anything other than our pain?

Mindfulness practices can help with this. Journaling can help you express your emotions while increasing your awareness and acceptance of the current moment. When utilized regularly, a notebook can help us divert our attention away from discomfort, even if only for a short time. As we continue to journal, we get more adept at making this adjustment on our own, which reduces pain symptoms.

Mindfulness meditation is also one such method that pain patients use. Mindfulness is an attentional position of detached observation based on ancient Eastern meditation practices. It is characterized by openness, curiosity, and acceptance regarding the current moment. Mindfulness meditation is supposed to function by concentrating the attention on the present moment and enhancing awareness of one's exterior surroundings and internal sensations, allowing the person to take a step back and reinterpret their experiences.

The Challenge 

Keeping everything in mind, JournalOwl brings forth a new 5-day challenge that can help you improve your quality of life by tackling your pain symptoms with mindfulness, meditation, and journaling. Providing you with tips, journaling prompts, and videos to watch, we want to equip you with an arsenal to combat your chronic pain not just for 5 days but for a lifetime. The name of the game is a challenge and should be treated as such because it won't be easy. However, it is completely doable, and we are excited to share our steps with you. 

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