Back to the Basics Guide: Fostering Real Human Connection in a Virtual World

Author: Kailey Lentsch
 Duration: 10 Days

It’s no secret that social media has changed the way we communicate and interact with one another. This is especially true among younger people, but changes in social interaction can be seen across every generation and demographic. According to Statista Research Department (2022), 223 million Americans have at least one social media profile. That is about 82% of the population. Furthermore, the average person spends about two and a half hours on social media each day.

While technology and social media have created new avenues for us to communicate with people around the globe, they have also brought new challenges. Specifically, we are seeing more and more people who do not know how to interact with others in-person appropriately or effectively. We have also seen a significant correlation between social media use and mental health issues. Social media impacts our levels of anxiety and depression, self-esteem, feelings of belonging, ability to focus, and sleep quality. 

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