Creating a Life Plan

Author: Kailey Lentsch
 Duration: 21 Days

This 21-day group challenge will give you the knowledge you need to create your own life plan journal. You will learn how to develop SMART goals and how to track them. 

JournalOwl will walk you through how to set up a life plan journal that will help you set and track your goals throughout the year. 

Each day you'll be met with a thought-provoking question that is designed to help formulate your life plan. By answering the question thoughtfully, you'll incrementally create your life plan for the new year. JournalOwl's unique approach to learning & comprehension is heavily rooted in critical thinking fueled through expressive writing. Here is a glimpse into the topics of interest that we'll ask you about over the next 21 days:

Day 1 - What is a life plan journal?

Day 2 - Faith

Day 3 - Health

Day 4 - Family

Day 5 - Relationships

Day 6 - Work

Day 7 - Finances

Day 8 - Hobbies

Day 9 - Self-Development

Day 10 - Home

Day 11 - What's Important?

Day 12 - Where are you at in life? 

Day 13 - What do you want to be in life?

Day 14 - How will you get there?

Day 15 - What are SMART goals?

Day 16 - Goal Setting Workshop #1

Day 17  - Goal Setting Workshop #2

Day 18 - Goal Setting Workshop #3

Day 19 - Goal Setting Workshop #4

Day 20 - Tracking Goals

Day 21 - Accountability

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