Cultivating Courage

 Duration: 3 Days

Do you face your fears, or hide from them? Join this group challenge to learn how to turn fear inside out. 

In this quick 3-day group journaling challenge, you'll deep dive into 3 fundamental questions about yourself to help uncover the root cause of your fear & anxiety: 

1) What you fear the most and why. 

2) Exploring why your life experience led to this fear. 

3) Visualizing how to face your fears head-on. 

The concept of group journaling is simple but surprisingly powerful! You'll deep dive into the psychology of fear, expressively write through the emotions, and allow anonymous journalers from around the world an opportunity to provide you with real-time feedback to help change your perspective.

We are a community of overcomers! Upon finishing this challenge, you'll receive the Courage badge. 


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