Health from Hypochondria (Health Anxiety)

 Duration: 8 Days

Health anxiety not uncommon, as COVID-19 has set in our lives and refuses to go. We're worried about our health and for the safety of our loved ones. These practices where this anxiety proceeds to take over lead to a powerful sense of catastrophizing. In layman's terms: it's to envisage the worst-case scenario for an action or event, consider a situation or occurrence as a disaster, or have a potentially disastrous result. 

This expressive writing challenge is designed to take you through 21 days of self-reflection that you can use to overcome health anxiety. Upon enrollment, you'll receive a "tip of the day" for overcoming health anxiety; along with a thought-provoking question to help you uncover the root cause(s) of your health anxiety. 

Remember; you must commit yourself to life-long change. That starts by diving into your own psychology and taking responsibility for the way you think about this world. By forcing yourself to fully think through the questions and answer them; you begin creating new neural networks, new habits, and better outcomes in your life! 

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