How to Moderate Your Facebook Screentime

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How to Moderate Your Facebook Screentime
 Duration: 5 Days

The purpose of this journal challenge is to provide you with five days of self-reflection and introspection into the hows and whys of your Facebook use. This journey includes a breakdown of a certain impact that Facebook has on your life and how to overcome it to wean off of it in the longer run. In the true spirit of introspection, we will also provide you with three questions for each day which you can answer in your journal to compile your feelings and emotions together. This will also include a video that you can watch on Facebook's impact on you and your life. Moderating your social media use is not a five-day task, but five days are exactly what you need to give you that push in the right direction. The goal is to not give in to your desires and not become a slave to your screen. 

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