Infidelity: A Cheating Spouse

 Duration: 10 Days

Infidelity is the breaking of a pledge to stay faithful to a romantic partner, whether that promise was made as part of a marriage vow, a secret pact between lovers, or an unspoken assumption. Infidelity is a betrayal, but it does not always mean the end of a relationship; infidelity also happens in happy partnerships. This journaling challenge takes you through 10 days of healing and helps mold a better perspective:

Day 1 - Working through Your Feelings

Day 2 - How Not to Blame Yourself

Day 3 - How Not to Lose Self-Esteem

Day 4 - How to Ask for Help

Day 5 - Reflecting on Your Relationship

Day 6 - How to Communicate After the Affair

Day 7 - Decide What's Next for You

Day 8 - Learn from the Experience

Day 9 - Consider Online Group Therapy

Day 10 - Time Heals All Wounds

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