Losing a Loved One (Bereavement)

 Duration: 21 Days

Life is an endless cycle of highs and lows, and no matter how we choose to live it, there are always things that are not in our control. Grief is a natural part of living, and it in no way indicates that life can't be enjoyable. Unfortunately, handling grief is tough and will take a toll on people. But like everything in life, we can salvage life.

The experience of losing someone close to us is known as bereavement. We are supposed to define it by grieving, which is the process and variety of feelings we experience as we adjust to the loss through time.

Losing someone close to us, whether a partner, family member, friend, or pet, is emotionally devastating. As we come to terms with the loss, it's natural to go through a variety of physical and emotional reactions.

Grief has no temporal limit, and it varies significantly from person to person. The length of time spent grieving differs from person to person and is determined by factors such as the type of connection, the level of attachment or intimacy to the person who died, the circumstances of their death, and the amount of time spent expecting their end.

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