Making Confession a Habit

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Making Confession a Habit
Author: Kailey Lentsch
 Duration: 21 Days

Confession is an important part of a Christian’s life, but it is often something avoided. Our sin can create feelings of shame, guilt, and fear that make us want to hide instead of seek forgiveness and repentance. The very first example of this is seen in Genesis 3, when Adam and Eve disobey God and then hide themselves from God when they hear Him walking in the garden. Then, they hide their bodies from each other when they become aware of their nakedness. 

We are just like those first humans and often run from confession, thinking we can avoid shame, guilt, and fear; but the truth is, confession brings freedom, forgiveness, and grows our relationship with God. 

“There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.” Romans 8:1-2

Throughout this journal challenge, you will be given scripture to read and a short prompt to respond to that will help you learn how to confess sin. I pray that over the next 21 days you would grow closer to God and become more comfortable confessing sin so that you would be able to make it a regular habit in your life.  

Over the next 21 days, you will deep dive into the following topics with expressive writing, lectures, and additional reading:

Day 1 - What is Sin?

Day 2 - What is Confession?

Day 3 - What is Repentence?

Day 4 - Who do I Confess to?

Day 5 - Why should I confess sin? 

Day 6 - Why else should I confess sin?

Day 7 - What do I need to confess?

Day 8 - When do I confess?

Day 9 - How do I confess?

Day 10 - How will I repent?

Day 11 - Who have you sinned against? 

Day 12 - Confess your sins

Day 13 - How will I repent of this sin?

Day 14 - Who else have I sinned against?

Day 15 - Confess your sins

Day 16 - How will I repent of this sin?

Day 17 - Confessing sin when tempted

Day 18 - Confess your sins

Day 19 - How will I avoid this sin?

Day 20 - Forgiving Yourself

Day 21 - Recap

Your 21 days to making confession a habit is a deep dive into a variety of questions about yourself. JournalOwl's challenges are designed to help you critically think about your past, your current, and your future. With critical thinking & express writing, you are able to actively engage in the learning process; rather than passively listening to videos and remembering bits & pieces.


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