Recovering from Sex Addiction

 Duration: 10 Days

Despite what you may read and see on the internet, sex addiction is genuine. Sex addiction can cause many issues in relationships, especially in married or monogamous couples who have been together for a long time. Outside of their partnership, someone with a sex addiction would frequently pursue several partners. They may also regularly experience financial difficulties due to their desire for sexual fulfilment, leading to severe conflict with their spouse.

To bring forth more light to this issue, it's imperative to determine where it stems from and triggers it. Understanding your sex addiction is the first step to overcoming it. Think of it as a prelude to therapy and seeking help. 

We have ten days, an exercise a day, to help you become aware of your situation as a sex addict. Questions for each day accompany this ten-day challenge. Answering these questions will help you get to the root cause of the problem. It'll also help you gauge just how severe your addiction is. 

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