Reset Your Mind: Detoxing from Dopamine

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Reset Your Mind: Detoxing from Dopamine
 Duration: 21 Days

A dopamine detox, or dopamine fasting as it has now begun to be known, removes oneself from situations of external stimuli that would lead to an excess of dopamine. The concept, created by California psychiatrist Dr. Cameron Sepah, introduced it as a cognitive-behavioral therapy method. In the day and age where technology rules our lives and social media determines the content we consume, it is necessary to become semi-permeable to the bombardment of the bright light of the fast life. However, dopamine fast does not mean that abstaining from these stimuli will inhibit the natural chemical release or lower these levels. The purpose of bringing this study to life is so that people with addictive personality traits can live a more balanced and relaxed life instead of chasing for their so-called next "dopamine hit."

Abstaining from impulsive desires can condition a person's behavior to become more accepting of trivial day-to-day situations where they may stay at home and resort to meditation, relaxation, and even introspection. In short, a person may become open to accepting 'boring' situations by viewing them as opportunities for self-inventory or mental clarity. 

The Challenge

For almost a month, the detox will require you to give up one thing each day, whether social media, meeting new people, going out, etc. The goal is to abstain from excessive dopamine release by not engaging in your typical daily thrills. Each day needs to end with a careful self-examination of how you fared. This 21-day challenge will provide you with the correct and safe way to gauge what aspects of your life are essential to you and which ones you are willing to let go of from time to time. This is a journey to self-heal and realize what makes you truly happy in life. It's the opposite of what Marie Kondo might have told you: If it does spark joy, let it go. That is, for a while, at least. 

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