Starting Your Prayer Journal Group Challenge

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Starting Your Prayer Journal Group Challenge
Author: Kailey Lentsch
 Duration: 21 Days

Keeping a prayer journal is an easy way to process emotions, grow closer to God, and reflect on how you have grown and matured in your walk of faith. Writing out your prayers can help you think through the things on your mind and have a better understanding of your worries, fears, frustrations, joy, celebrations, and gratitude. Spending time with God in prayer helps you to learn more about who He is and His will for your life. It can also provide comfort and grow your faith as you learn to go to God with everything and trust in His provision. 

Throughout this journal challenge, you will be given scripture to read and a short prompt to respond to. I pray that over the next 21 days you would grow closer to God as you learn more about prayer. 

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