Stoicism: 7 Days to Mastering the Stoic Art of Journaling

 Duration: 7 Days

Virtue, tolerance, and self-control. The three defining pillars of Stoicism have become wildly popular in this day and age. What we know as the modern-day stoic is different from the adjective we use to describe someone cold and unfeeling. For Stoicism is not merely an attitude. It's a way of life. Join our 7-day journaling challenge to fully understand stoicism and how you can start applying this philosophy to your everyday life. 

Why is journaling a gateway into the teachings of Stoicism? In Book XI of Meditations, Aurelius wrote: "In writing, or in reading, be first taught yourself, before you pretend to teach others. Observe this much more in life." The more you write down about your life experiences, the better you understand what makes you - well, you. 

In the centuries afterward, many people, whether Stoic or not, have fallen in love with and dedicated themselves to morning or evening journaling. And there's a reason for that: it works. It clears the mind, allows for peaceful, private thinking, and keeps track of one's thoughts throughout time.

However, the skill of journaling in Stoicism is more than just a regular diary. The philosophy is this daily practice. Getting ready for the day ahead. Pondering the day's events and reminding ourselves of our lessons from our teachers, books, and life experiences. It is not enough to merely listen to these lessons once; instead, one must practice them again, go through them over in their minds, and, write them down while feeling them flow through their fingers.

Journaling is Stoicism. Having one without the other is not possible.

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