Surviving a Divorce with 8 Days of Expressive Writing

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Surviving a Divorce with 8 Days of Expressive Writing
 Duration: 8 Days

Life isn't ideal, and neither is love. We want that perfect love story that lasts a lifetime, but sometimes it isn't meant to be. We can love someone and still not be happy in a relationship, or give a lot of love and get nothing in return. Real-world relationships need work and time. There needs to be an understanding amongst both parties involved, and there needs to be trust. Every relationship requires being kind and empathic towards the other person. It is a lot of work, and it doesn't always work out.

Already having lost the person you love does not mean that you have to lose yourself. In fact, you can benefit from this experience as in any other situation. We learn the most about ourselves when we're put in situations that make us reevaluate ourselves, and that is a lesson like no other. What we have for you is eight days of self-reflection, where we will be discussing what steps you can take to help you overcome the sadness and pain you feel and, at the same time, learn more about the kind of person you are. You also have the opportunity to journal your thoughts down based on each lesson we provide you every day. Keeping your thoughts in one place will not only help you keep track of your progress but journaling it out will help you vent your frustrations and feelings in a productive and therapeutic manner. Journaling your thoughts and feelings about the breakup can be beneficial. People aren't always available when you need to express yourself, and some feelings or thoughts may be too personal to share with others. The process of writing out your sentiments can be incredibly liberating, and it can frequently provide you with a new perspective on things.

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