1 Chronicles Bible Study


The book's message has a pastoral purpose: to bring comfort and hope to generations of God's people who were tempted towards despair or apathy.


A challenge from the book of 1 Chronicles, Chapters 1-29 (King James Version edition)

Steps (30)

Step 1: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 1

Adam, Seth, Noah, Shem, Eber, Abraham; Abraham's sons were Isaac and Ishmael; Isaac's sons were Esau and Israel. Kings ruled in Edom.

Step 2: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 2

Judah's line led to Obed, Jesse and David. Caleb was son of Hezron; Jerahmeel was firstborn of Hezron. Caleb's line were the Kenites.

Step 3: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 3

David had six sons at Hebron, four by Bathshua and nine others. Solomon's line led to Jeconiah, and then to the sons of Elioenai.

Step 4: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 4

Reaiah's sons were the Zorathites; God blessed Jabez; Shelah's sons worked for the king. Simeon's line went to Gedor to seek pasture.

Step 5: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 5

Reuben lost his birthright; his sons lived in Gilead. The sons of Gad and the sons of Manasseh lived in Bashan until the captivity.

Step 6: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 6

Levi's sons were Gershon, Kohath and Merari. The musicians were Heman and Asaph. Aaron's sons made offerings. They were given cities.

Step 7: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 7

Issachar's sons were 87,000. Benjamin's sons were Bela, Beker and Jediael. Ephraim's line led to Joshua. Asher's sons were 26,000.

Step 8: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 8

Benjamin was father of Bela, Ashbel, Aharah, Nohah and Rapha; Ner's line was Kish, Saul, Jonathan; the sons of Ulam were mighty men.

Step 9: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 9

Jerusalem was resettled by Judah, Benjamin, Ephraim and Manasseh; there were priests and Levite gatekeepers. Kish was father of Saul.

Step 10: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 10

Jerusalem was resettled by Judah, Benjamin, Ephraim and Manasseh; there were priests and Levite gatekeepers. Kish was father of Saul.

Step 11: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 11

The elders anointed David king. David's mighty men included the three who brought him water from Bethlehem. Abishai led the thirty.

Step 12: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 12

Benjaminites and Gadites went over to David at Ziklag. David made them officers. People kept coming until there was a great army.

Step 13: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 13

David said, "Let us bring the ark back." As they carried the ark Uzzah steadied it and was struck down. David took it to Obed-edom.

Step 14: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 14

David had more children. The Philistines attacked; David inquired of God and when he heard marching in the trees he defeated them.

Step 15: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 15

David told the Levites to carry the ark. Heman, Asaph and Ethan were the musicians. The ark was brought into the city of David.

Step 16: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 16

They made offerings and David appointed singers. "Give thanks to the LORD; He is greatly to be praised!" Asaph ministered each day.

Step 17: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 17

The LORD said to Nathan, "Tell David: I will establish your house; your son will build my house." David prayed, "Who am I, O LORD?"

Step 18: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 18

David defeated the Philistines, the Moabites, King Hadadezer, the Arameans and the Edomites. He reigned over Israel with justice.

Step 19: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 19

The King of Ammon humiliated David's servants and hired the Arameans for war. Joab defeated them and David defeated King Hadadezer.

Step 20: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 20

Joab besieged Rabbah and David took the plunder. War broke out with the Philistines and David and his men killed the giants.

Step 21: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 21

Satan led David to count the Israelites. God sent a plague and a destroying angel. David bought Ornan's field and made offerings.

Step 22: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 22

David told Solomon: "The LORD has said that you will build his temple. I have provided materials." He ordered the leaders to help.

Step 23: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 23

David made Solomon king over Israel. He organised the Levites into the sons of Gershon, Kohath and Merari to serve in the temple.

Step 24: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 24

The sons of Aaron were priests. David organised the sons of Eleazar and Ithamar by lot. The rest of the Levites also cast lots.

Step 25: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 25

The sons of Asaph, Heman and Jeduthun prophesied with music. 288 were trained in singing to the LORD. They cast lots for duties.

Step 26: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 26

The sons of Obed-edom, Meshelemiah and Hosah were gatekeepers. Ahijah, Zetham, Joel, Shubael and Shelomith oversaw the treasuries.

Step 27: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 27

Divisions of 24,000 men were on duty month by month. There was a chief officer over each tribe. Joab was the commander of the army.

Step 28: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 28

David assembled the leaders and said, "The LORD has chosen Solomon to build his house." He gave Solomon the plans for the temple.

Step 29: 1 Chronicles - Chapter 29

The leaders gave offerings. David prayed, "Yours is the kingdom, O LORD. Of your own have we given you." David died at an old age.

Step 30: Quiz

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