1 Thessalonians Bible Study


Looking for grace? Join JournalOwl on this Bible Study journey into 1 Thessalonians. The church at Thessalonica was facing persecution, but Paul wrote to them to encourage their faithfulness. He also directs them to respond to their persecution with love, meeting opposition with grace and generosity. This way of life is motivated by hope in the coming Kingdom of Jesus that has already begun.


A challenge from the book of 1 Thessalonians, Chapters 1-5 (King James Version edition)

Steps (6)

Step 1: 1 Thessalonians - Chapter 1

Paul, Silvanus and Timothy, to the Thessalonians. We give thanks for you. Our gospel came in power. Your faith is an example to all.

Step 2: 1 Thessalonians - Chapter 2

We shared the gospel with you and also our lives. You suffered like the churches in Judea. We tried to see you. Are you not our crown?

Step 3: 1 Thessalonians - Chapter 3

We sent Timothy to strengthen you. We warned you that persecution would come. We are encouraged by your faith. May you grow in love.

Step 4: 1 Thessalonians - Chapter 4

Live to please God. Avoid immorality. Love one another more and more. We do not grieve without hope, for the dead in Christ will rise.

Step 5: 1 Thessalonians - Chapter 5

The day of the Lord will come like a thief. Let us keep awake. Honour those who lead you. Do not quench the Spirit. Grace be with you.

Step 6: Quiz

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