2 Peter Bible Study


2 Peter is an intense, passionate farewell speech addressed to the same messianic church communities as 1 Peter. In the book, Peter challenges Jesus' followers to continue growing in their faith, love, and service to God and be ready for Jesus' return. Dive into 2 Peter with this JournalOwl Bible study challenge!


A challenge from the book of 2 Peter, Chapters 1-3 (King James Version edition)

Steps (4)

Step 1: 2 Peter - Chapter 1

Peter, to those of faith. God has given us great promises. So supplement faith with virtue and love. We were eyewitnesses of Christ.

Step 2: 2 Peter - Chapter 2

False teachers will arise. If God did not spare angels then he knows how to punish the unrighteous. They are slaves of corruption.

Step 3: 2 Peter - Chapter 3

Scoffers will say, "Where is his return?" The Lord is not slow, but patient. Untaught people twist the Scriptures. Grow in Christ.

Step 4: Quiz

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