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The book of Daniel is prophetic and apocalyptic literature about a faithful servant of Yahweh living in Babylonian exile. This Book of the Bible paints a portrait of how to serve God faithfully in the middle of such a world and how to persevere in hope even with no immediate solutions to the problems that get us down.


A challenge from the book of Daniel, Chapters 1-12 (King James Version edition)

Steps (13)

Step 1: Daniel - Chapter 1

Nebuchadnezzar brought the young nobles to Shinar. Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the king's food. God gave him wisdom.

Step 2: Daniel - Chapter 2

Nebuchadnezzar had dreams. Daniel said, "God reveals mysteries. You saw a great statue broken by a stone. God will set up a kingdom."

Step 3: Daniel - Chapter 3

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego would not worship the gold statue. Nebuchadnezzar threw them into the furnace but God protected them.

Step 4: Daniel - Chapter 4

"I, Nebuchadnezzar, dreamt of a tree cut down. Daniel said, 'You shall eat grass like an ox.' Afterwards my kingdom was restored."

Step 5: Daniel - Chapter 5

Belshazzar drank from the temple vessels. A hand wrote on the wall. Daniel said, "Your kingdom is given to the Medes and Persians."

Step 6: Daniel - Chapter 6

The satraps urged Darius to sign a law against prayer. Daniel prayed to God and was thrown to the lions. God closed the lions' mouths.

Step 7: Daniel - Chapter 7

Daniel saw visions. I saw four great beasts. The Son of Man was given an everlasting kingdom. The fourth beast shall be destroyed.

Step 8: Daniel - Chapter 8

I saw a ram with two horns. A goat with a large horn struck the ram. Gabriel said: "The ram is Media and Persia, the goat is Greece."

Step 9: Daniel - Chapter 9

I read the book of Jeremiah. I prayed, "Israel has sinned. O God, forgive." Gabriel said, "Seventy weeks are decreed for atonement."

Step 10: Daniel - Chapter 10

As I mourned I saw a man with a face like lightning. He said, "The prince of Persia delayed me. I came to explain the latter days."

Step 11: Daniel - Chapter 11

"The king of the south will fight the king of the north. The king of the north will desecrate the temple. He will exalt himself."

Step 12: Daniel - Chapter 12

"There will be a time of distress." I said, "How long?" He said, "Time, times and half a time. These words are sealed until the end."

Step 13: Quiz

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