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Deuteronomy is the fifth and last book of the Torah, where it is called Devarim and the fifth book of the Christian Old Testament. Chapters 1–30 of the book consist of three sermons or speeches delivered to the Israelites by Moses on the Plains of Moab, shortly before they enter the Promised Land.


Join JournalOwl on this unique 34-step journey through the Book of Deuteronomy.  You will learn about the uniqueness of God, the need for drastic centralization of worship, and a concern for the position of the poor and disadvantaged. Each step of this journey includes rich media content like educational videos sourced from YouTube, thought-provoking community-inspired questions, and built-in quizzes! 

Steps (35)

Step 1: Deuteronomy - Chapter 1

The words of Moses: We journeyed from Horeb. You would not go up to take the land, so the LORD said, "This generation will not see it."

Step 2: Deuteronomy - Chapter 2

We went into the wilderness. Thirty-eight years passed, then the LORD told us to cross by Moab. He delivered Sihon the Amorite to us.

Step 3: Deuteronomy - Chapter 3

The LORD delivered Og of Bashan to us. I gave Gilead to Reuben, Gad and Manasseh. The LORD said that I would not cross into the land.

Step 4: Deuteronomy - Chapter 4

Now, Israel, hear the commandments and obey them. You heard the LORD speak from the fire. Take care not to make idols. The LORD is God.

Step 5: Deuteronomy - Chapter 5

The LORD made his covenant with us: Have no other gods; Keep the Sabbath; Honour your parents. You shall do all that he has commanded.

Step 6: Deuteronomy - Chapter 6

Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one. Love the LORD with all your heart, soul and strength. Teach your children these commandments.

Step 7: Deuteronomy - Chapter 7

Make no treaty with the nations of the land. You are a holy people, the LORD has chosen you. He will drive out the nations before you.

Step 8: Deuteronomy - Chapter 8

The LORD led you in the wilderness and tested you. He is bringing you into a good land. Do not forget the LORD or you shall perish.

Step 9: Deuteronomy - Chapter 9

It is not for your righteousness that you will occupy the land. You rebelled and made the calf so I broke the tablets of the covenant.

Step 10: Deuteronomy - Chapter 10

The LORD wrote on new tablets. What does the LORD ask? That you fear him, walk in his ways, love him, serve him and keep his commands.

Step 11: Deuteronomy - Chapter 11

You have seen all that the LORD has done. Keep these commands so that you may live long in the land. There is a blessing and a curse.

Step 12: Deuteronomy - Chapter 12

Destroy the high places where the nations worship their gods. You shall bring your offerings at the place that the LORD will choose.

Step 13: Deuteronomy - Chapter 13

If a prophet or anyone else entices you away from the LORD they must be put to death. If a town has turned away it must be destroyed.

Step 14: Deuteronomy - Chapter 14

You may eat animals with cloven hooves that chew the cud. Bring a tithe from your fields to eat before the LORD and for the Levites.

Step 15: Deuteronomy - Chapter 15

Every seven years you shall cancel debts. Hebrew slaves shall go free in the seventh year. Set apart every firstborn male animal.

Step 16: Deuteronomy - Chapter 16

Celebrate the Passover in the month of Abib. Celebrate the Feast of Weeks and the Feast of Booths. Appoint judges in all your towns.

Step 17: Deuteronomy - Chapter 17

Anyone who breaks the covenant shall be put to death. Go to the priests with hard decisions. Appoint the king that the LORD chooses.

Step 18: Deuteronomy - Chapter 18

The priests shall eat the offerings made by fire. You shall not practise divination. The LORD will raise up a prophet from among you.

Step 19: Deuteronomy - Chapter 19

Set aside three cities so that anyone who kills accidently may flee there. A matter must be established by two or three witnesses.

Step 20: Deuteronomy - Chapter 20

When you go to war, do not be afraid; the LORD is with you. As you go to attack a city, offer terms, except to the cities of the land.

Step 21: Deuteronomy - Chapter 21

If a dead body is found, the city elders must cleanse the guilt. Give your eldest son his portion. A rebellious son shall be stoned.

Step 22: Deuteronomy - Chapter 22

If you find your neighbour's ox you shall return it. If a man falsely claims that his new wife was not a virgin he shall be punished.

Step 23: Deuteronomy - Chapter 23

No Ammonite shall enter the assembly of the LORD. When you go out to war the camp must be holy. Be careful to do what you have vowed.

Step 24: Deuteronomy - Chapter 24

If a man divorces his wife he must not remarry her. Do not withhold wages. Leave the gleanings of your harvest for widows and orphans.

Step 25: Deuteronomy - Chapter 25

A judge may give up to forty lashes. If a man dies and has no son, his brother shall marry his widow. You shall have honest weights.

Step 26: Deuteronomy - Chapter 26

Bring the firstfruits of the land to the LORD. Bring a tithe in the third year and say to the LORD, "Look down and bless your people."

Step 27: Deuteronomy - Chapter 27

Write the law on large stones. The Levites will say, "Cursed is anyone who does not keep the law," and the people will reply, "Amen."

Step 28: Deuteronomy - Chapter 28

If you obey the LORD he will bless you above all nations; if not, you will be cursed and the LORD will send a nation to destroy you.

Step 29: Deuteronomy - Chapter 29

You have seen all that the LORD has done so keep this covenant. If you break it the land will be cursed and the LORD will uproot you.

Step 30: Deuteronomy - Chapter 30

When you return to the LORD he will have compassion; he will circumcise your heart. I have set before you life and death. Choose life.

Step 31: Deuteronomy - Chapter 31

Joshua will cross ahead of you. Read the law every seven years. The LORD said, "The people will turn away. Write a song as a witness."

Step 32: Deuteronomy - Chapter 32

Ascribe greatness to our God! The LORD's portion is his people; They turned away so he spurned them; But he will provide atonement.

Step 33: Deuteronomy - Chapter 33

Moses blessed Israel before his death: Let Reuben live; bless Levi's work; Joseph's land is blessed. The eternal God is your refuge.

Step 34: Deuteronomy - Chapter 34

Moses climbed Mount Nebo. There the LORD showed him the promised land. Then Moses died. No prophet has arisen in Israel like Moses.

Step 35: Quiz

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