Ecclesiastes Bible Study


The subjects of Ecclesiastes are the pain and frustration engendered by observing and meditating on the distortions and inequities pervading the world, the uselessness of human ambition, and the limitations of worldly wisdom and righteousness. Join us on a 12-step journey through the Book of Ecclesiastes!


Are you seeking encouragement? No better place to start than God's Word! 

In the Book of Ecclesiastes, you'll encounter scripture about enjoying life to the fullest. Chalk full of information, the Ecclesiastes Bible Study journey is filled with thought-provoking questions and like-minded folks from around-the-world to share your thoughts about the Bible. Start today! 

Steps (13)

Step 1: Ecclesiastes - Chapter 1

Everything is meaningless! There is nothing new under the sun. I applied my heart to know wisdom, but much wisdom brings much sorrow.

Step 2: Ecclesiastes - Chapter 2

I built houses, gathered possessions and sought pleasure. It was meaningless! The wise die like the foolish. I despaired of my toil.

Step 3: Ecclesiastes - Chapter 3

There is a time for everything: to live, to die, to mourn, to dance. It is the gift of God that man should find pleasure in his work.

Step 4: Ecclesiastes - Chapter 4

I saw the tears of the oppressed. Two have a good reward for their toil. I saw everyone follow a new king. This too is meaningless!

Step 5: Ecclesiastes - Chapter 5

Do not make rash vows before God. The lover of money never has enough. What is gained by toil? It is good to find enjoyment in life.

Step 6: Ecclesiastes - Chapter 6

Here is an evil: to have wealth and honour but not to enjoy them. What do the wise gain over fools? The more words, the less meaning.

Step 7: Ecclesiastes - Chapter 7

The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning. Do not be too righteous, or too wicked. Men have gone in search of many schemes.

Step 8: Ecclesiastes - Chapter 8

Obey the king's command. Though sinners do evil, it will be well for those who fear God. No one can know what goes on under the sun.

Step 9: Ecclesiastes - Chapter 9

The same fate comes to all. A living dog is better than a dead lion. Enjoy the days of your vain life. Wisdom is better than strength.

Step 10: Ecclesiastes - Chapter 10

A little folly spoils wisdom. Whoever digs a pit will fall into it. The lips of a fool consume him. Through laziness the roof leaks.

Step 11: Ecclesiastes - Chapter 11

Whoever watches the clouds will never reap. You do not know what will prosper. Enjoy your youth, but know that God will judge you.

Step 12: Ecclesiastes - Chapter 12

Remember your Creator in your youth, before the days of trouble come. Everything is meaningless! Fear God and keep his commandments.

Step 13: Quiz

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