Ephesians Bible Study


Are you living up to the Heavenly call? Ephesians teaches that the Gospel makes way for a new multi-ethnic family of God, transforming how we live as a new humanity unified in love. Join this JournalOwl Bible Study journey as we hit on a wide range of moral and ethical behaviors as outlined in Ephesians. Answer thought-provoking journal questions, watch short video devotionals, answer built-in quizzes, and chat with others around-the-globe about how to apply God's word to your everyday lives.


A challenge from the book of Ephesians, Chapters 1-6 (King James Version edition)

Steps (7)

Step 1: Ephesians - Chapter 1

Paul, to the saints in Ephesus. Praise the God who predestined us for adoption in Christ. May you know the riches of his inheritance.

Step 2: Ephesians - Chapter 2

When we were dead in sin God made us alive with Christ. Gentiles are now fellow citizens. You are being built together into a temple.

Step 3: Ephesians - Chapter 3

I preach the mystery of Christ. The wisdom of God is made known through the church. I pray that you may know the depth of his love.

Step 4: Ephesians - Chapter 4

Therefore walk worthy of your calling. Christ gave each of us gifts to build up the body. Put off your old self and put on the new.

Step 5: Ephesians - Chapter 5

Walk in love as Christ loved us. Walk as children of light. Expose the darkness. Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church.

Step 6: Ephesians - Chapter 6

Children, obey your parents. Slaves, obey your masters. Put on the whole armour of God to stand against the devil. Peace and grace.

Step 7: Quiz

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