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Ezekiel is faithful, and God recognizes that in him, trusting him to carry out his message to Israel. Through Ezekiel, we learn that the spiritual is just as important as the physical. God's power and plan for his people surpasses the physical limitations of our life on Earth, and he will make things new once again.


A challenge from the book of Ezekiel, Chapters 1-48 (King James Version edition)

Steps (49)

Step 1: Ezekiel - Chapter 1

I saw visions of God. Out of a storm came four creatures. I saw wheels within wheels. Above them was a throne and the figure of a man.

Step 2: Ezekiel - Chapter 2

He said to me: "Son of man, stand up." The Spirit entered me. He said: "I send you to rebel Israel." Before me was a scroll of woe.

Step 3: Ezekiel - Chapter 3

He said to me: "Israel will not listen." I came to the exiles. The LORD said: "I have made you a watchman. I will open your mouth."

Step 4: Ezekiel - Chapter 4

"Son of man, take clay and draw Jerusalem. Then lie on your side. You shall bear the punishment of Israel. Cook your bread over dung."

Step 5: Ezekiel - Chapter 5

"Son of man, shave your head. Jerusalem has rebelled. A third shall die of famine, a third by the sword and a third I will scatter."

Step 6: Ezekiel - Chapter 6

"Son of man, prophesy against the mountains of Jerusalem. The slain shall lie among their idols. They will know that I am the LORD."

Step 7: Ezekiel - Chapter 7

"The end has come! I will punish you for all your abominations. Silver and gold cannot deliver. The people of the land will tremble."

Step 8: Ezekiel - Chapter 8

The Spirit lifted me up. "Son of man, see what they do. Elders burn incense to idols. Women weep for Tammuz. Men worship the sun."

Step 9: Ezekiel - Chapter 9

He cried, "Bring the executioners." Six men came. "Kill old and young, but do not touch those with the mark. I will not have pity."

Step 10: Ezekiel - Chapter 10

He told the man in linen: "Take fire from between the wheels." Each wheel had four faces. The glory of the LORD left the temple.

Step 11: Ezekiel - Chapter 11

The Spirit said: "These men plot evil." I said: "Will you destroy the remnant?" The LORD said: "I will put a new spirit within them."

Step 12: Ezekiel - Chapter 12

"Son of man, they are a rebellious house. Bring out your baggage like an exile. I will disperse them. My word will not be delayed."

Step 13: Ezekiel - Chapter 13

"Woe to the foolish prophets who follow their own spirit. I will send a storm in my wrath. Woe to the women who sew magic charms."

Step 14: Ezekiel - Chapter 14

The elders came to me. The LORD said: "They have set up idols in their hearts. Even Noah, Daniel and Job would only save themselves."

Step 15: Ezekiel - Chapter 15

"Son of man, is wood taken from the vine to make anything? I have given it to the fire for fuel. So I have given up Jerusalem."

Step 16: Ezekiel - Chapter 16

"Jerusalem, I made you flourish. But you played the whore. I will gather your lovers against you. Yet I will remember my covenant."

Step 17: Ezekiel - Chapter 17

"An eagle planted a vine but it grew towards another eagle. Israel rebelled against Babylon with Egypt. I myself will plant a cedar."

Step 18: Ezekiel - Chapter 18

"If a man is righteous, he shall live. If a son is violent, he shall die. I will judge each according to his ways. Repent and live!"

Step 19: Ezekiel - Chapter 19

"Lament for the princes of Israel: A lioness had cubs. One was taken to Egypt, another to Babylon. A vine was stripped of its fruit."

Step 20: Ezekiel - Chapter 20

"I led Israel out of Egypt. They did not walk in my law. I withheld my hand for my name's sake. You will know that I am the LORD."

Step 21: Ezekiel - Chapter 21

"Son of man, prophesy against Israel. A sword is sharpened! Mark the way for the king of Babylon. A ruin, ruin, ruin I will make it."

Step 22: Ezekiel - Chapter 22

"A city that sheds blood. In you they oppress orphans and widows. Israel has become dross to me. I will pour out my wrath upon them."

Step 23: Ezekiel - Chapter 23

"Two sisters: Samaria and Jerusalem. Oholah lusted after her lovers. Oholibah was worse in whoring. Bring an army and cut them down."

Step 24: Ezekiel - Chapter 24

"Put meat into the pot. Woe to the bloody city!" My wife died. The LORD said: "I will profane my sanctuary. Ezekiel will be a sign."

Step 25: Ezekiel - Chapter 25

"To the Ammonites: You jeered at Israel so I will destroy you. I will judge Moab. I will lay vengeance upon Edom and Philistia."

Step 26: Ezekiel - Chapter 26

"Tyre jeered at Jerusalem so I will make her a bare rock. Nebuchadnezzar will lay siege to you. I will bring you to a dreadful end."

Step 27: Ezekiel - Chapter 27

"Lament for Tyre: Of oaks they made your oars. Tarshish, Dedan, Judah and Damascus traded with you. Now you are wrecked by the seas."

Step 28: Ezekiel - Chapter 28

"To the king of Tyre: You were perfect in Eden. You became proud. I cast you to the ground. There will be no more thorns for Israel."

Step 29: Ezekiel - Chapter 29

"I am against you, Pharaoh, the great dragon. Egypt will never again rule the nations. Nebuchadnezzar will carry off its wealth."

Step 30: Ezekiel - Chapter 30

"A sword will come upon Egypt. Those who support her will fall. Nebuchadnezzar will destroy the land. I will break Pharaoh's arms."

Step 31: Ezekiel - Chapter 31

"Assyria was a cedar. It towered above the trees. Its heart was proud. Foreigners have cut it down. This is Pharaoh and his hordes."

Step 32: Ezekiel - Chapter 32

"Lament for Pharaoh: You are a dragon in the seas. The sword of Babylon will come upon you. Elam and Edom are laid with the slain."

Step 33: Ezekiel - Chapter 33

"Son of man, I have made you a watchman for Israel." Jerusalem was struck down. The LORD says: "I have made the land a desolation."

Step 34: Ezekiel - Chapter 34

"Woe to the shepherds of Israel! They did not feed my flock. I myself will seek my sheep. My servant David will be their shepherd."

Step 35: Ezekiel - Chapter 35

"Son of man, prophesy against Mount Seir: Because you delivered Israel to the sword, blood will pursue you. You will be desolate."

Step 36: Ezekiel - Chapter 36

"Prophesy to the mountains of Israel: I will make you inhabited again. I will vindicate my name. I will put my Spirit within you."

Step 37: Ezekiel - Chapter 37

The LORD said: "Prophesy to the bones." The bones became an army. The LORD said: "Join two sticks. I will join Ephraim and Judah."

Step 38: Ezekiel - Chapter 38

"Son of man, prophesy against Gog: You will come against my people. My jealousy will be roused. I will summon a sword against Gog."

Step 39: Ezekiel - Chapter 39

"I am against you, O Gog. I will give you a burial place in Israel. Gather the birds for a feast. Now I will have mercy on Jacob."

Step 40: Ezekiel - Chapter 40

In visions the LORD brought me to a temple. He brought me through the gates to the inner court. There were tables for the offerings.

Step 41: Ezekiel - Chapter 41

He measured the nave and the inner room. The side chambers were in three storeys. In front of the Holy Place was an altar of wood.

Step 42: Ezekiel - Chapter 42

He led me to the outer court. The north and south chambers are where the priests eat the offerings. He measured all the temple area.

Step 43: Ezekiel - Chapter 43

The glory of the LORD filled the temple. He said: "Son of man, describe the temple to Israel. The priests shall cleanse the altar."

Step 44: Ezekiel - Chapter 44

"No foreigner shall enter my sanctuary. The sons of Zadok shall minister to me. They shall distinguish between the holy and unholy."

Step 45: Ezekiel - Chapter 45

"Set apart a holy district for the LORD. The prince shall have land on each side. You shall have honest scales. Celebrate Passover."

Step 46: Ezekiel - Chapter 46

"The prince shall bring offerings on the Sabbaths and New Moons. You shall offer a lamb daily." In the four corners were kitchens.

Step 47: Ezekiel - Chapter 47

Water was flowing from the temple. He led me in until it was too deep to cross. The LORD says: "Divide the land among the tribes."

Step 48: Ezekiel - Chapter 48

"Set a portion for each tribe. Adjoining Judah shall be the portion for the LORD. The name of the city shall be, The LORD Is There."

Step 49: Quiz

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