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The main theme of Ezra is one of restoration: the restoration of the people to God and to their land, and the restoration of the Temple and proper worship of God. There is also a theme of faithfulness throughout the book. As God’s promise of return is being faithfully fulfilled, there are those among the people who quickly turn away, yet many more who are faithful through struggles.


A challenge from the book of Ezra, Chapters 1-10 (King James Version edition)

Steps (11)

Step 1: Ezra - Chapter 1

Cyrus said, "Let the LORD's people go up to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple." He gave the articles from the temple to Sheshbazzar.

Step 2: Ezra - Chapter 2

The exiles returned to Judah with Zerubbabel. A total of 42,360 people returned. The heads of families gave offerings for the temple.

Step 3: Ezra - Chapter 3

The Israelites made regular offerings. When the builders laid the foundation of the temple, the Levites sang praise to the LORD.

Step 4: Ezra - Chapter 4

Enemies hindered the work in Judah. Rehum wrote to Artaxerxes: "Jerusalem is a rebellious city." So Artaxerxes stopped the building.

Step 5: Ezra - Chapter 5

Zerubbabel began to build the temple. Tattenai wrote to Darius: "The elders say that Cyrus issued a decree to rebuild this temple."

Step 6: Ezra - Chapter 6

Darius issued a decree: "The cost of the temple shall come from the treasury." The temple was completed and the Israelites celebrated.

Step 7: Ezra - Chapter 7

Ezra went up to Jerusalem to teach the law. Artaxerxes wrote: "I decree that whatever Ezra needs shall be done." So I was encouraged.

Step 8: Ezra - Chapter 8

I assembled the family heads from Babylon and gave the gifts for the temple to the Levites. We came to Jerusalem and made offerings.

Step 9: Ezra - Chapter 9

The leaders told me that the people had taken foreign wives. I tore my robe and prayed, "O God, we have forsaken your commandments."

Step 10: Ezra - Chapter 10

The Israelites wept. They all assembled and Ezra said, "Separate from your foreign wives." The family heads investigated the matter.

Step 11: Quiz

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