Haggai Bible Study


Seeking a quick dose of encouragement in God's word? Come join this JournalOwl Bible Study Journey about the Book of Haggai. In this book, you will learn how Haggai encourages those who have just returned from exile to remain faithful, obedient, and hopeful for God's promise of a new Jerusalem.


A challenge from the book of Haggai, Chapters 1-2 (King James Version edition)

Steps (3)

Step 1: Haggai - Chapter 1

The LORD says: "Consider your ways! You never have enough because the temple lies in ruins." So the people worked on the temple.

Step 2: Haggai - Chapter 2

The LORD says: "The latter glory of this temple shall be greater than the former. This nation is unclean. But now I will bless you."

Step 3: Quiz

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