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Hebrews challenges Jesus followers to remain faithful to him as the one who is the ultimate revelation of God's love and mercy. Hebrews challenges Jesus followers to remain faithful to him as the one who is the ultimate revelation of God's love and mercy.


A challenge from the book of Hebrews, Chapters 1-13 (King James Version edition)

Steps (14)

Step 1: Hebrews - Chapter 1

In these last days God has spoken by his Son. Of the Son he says, "Let the angels worship him." And, "Your throne, O God, is forever."

Step 2: Hebrews - Chapter 2

We must pay closer attention. The author of salvation tasted death for everyone. He was made like us to make atonement for our sins.

Step 3: Hebrews - Chapter 3

Jesus has more honour than Moses. He is the Son over God's house. Therefore, "Do not harden your hearts as they did in the rebellion."

Step 4: Hebrews - Chapter 4

Let us fear lest anyone fails to reach the promised rest. The word of God judges the heart. So we boldly approach the throne of grace.

Step 5: Hebrews - Chapter 5

Every high priest from among men is subject to weakness. Christ is a high priest in the order of Melchizedek. You still need teaching.

Step 6: Hebrews - Chapter 6

Let us press on to maturity. It is impossible to restore those who fall away. The promise of God is a steadfast anchor for the soul.

Step 7: Hebrews - Chapter 7

Abraham gave a tithe to Melchizedek, who had no end. Our Lord became a priest through indestructible life. He is always able to save.

Step 8: Hebrews - Chapter 8

We have a high priest who ministers in the true tent. He mediates a better covenant. He says, "I will write my laws on their hearts."

Step 9: Hebrews - Chapter 9

The high priest enters the Most Holy Place once a year with blood. Christ entered the true holy place once for all by his own blood.

Step 10: Hebrews - Chapter 10

The law is but a shadow. Animal blood cannot take away sins. Christ offered one sacrifice forever. So let us hold fast to our hope.

Step 11: Hebrews - Chapter 11

Faith is the proof of hope. By faith the world was made. By faith Abraham obeyed. By faith Moses left Egypt. In faith some suffered.

Step 12: Hebrews - Chapter 12

Let us run the race, looking to Jesus. God is disciplining you as sons. See that no one falls short of grace. Let us worship in awe.

Step 13: Hebrews - Chapter 13

Let love continue. Marriage should be honoured. Let us bear the reproach Christ endured. Submit to your leaders. Grace be with you.

Step 14: Quiz

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