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A lot of us want to shift our careers to tech be it data science or software engineering. But we don't exactly know how to do it. In this video, here are the 5 things you should know to shift your career to tech.

💡To know more about FunctionUp: 💡To improve your communication skills with me: TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 - Introduction 00:56 - Technical Aptitude 02:00 - Certification Program 03:06 - Communication Skills 04:39 - Relevant Experience 05:31 - Research SUGGESTED VIDEOS: 👉Communication skills for interviews: 👉Get job as fresher: 👉Interview preparation in 6 hours: RELATED PLAYLISTS: 🎦How to prepare for jobs and internships: 😇To get in touch: 🔴MY YOUTUBE GEAR: Camera - Microphone - Tripod Stand - *Tags* transition into tech, career in tech, how to get into tech, career change, career switch, career shift, shift to data science, shift to software, career change to tech, data science career transition, how to change careers, cloud career path

Steps (6)

Step 1: - Introduction

Step 2: - Technical Aptitude

Step 3: - Certification Program

Step 4: - Communication Skills

Step 5: - Relevant Experience

Step 6: - Research

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