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Are you seeking wisdom with practical advice? The Book of James, strikingly similar to the Old Testament book of Proverbs, helps the faithful navigate this earthly world. Throughout James, you will find encouragement to act like God's people, along with direct commands to pursue a life of holiness. Join this JournalOwl Bible Study and journey into this special Book of the Holy Bible with videos, thought-provoking journal prompt questions, scripture, and live chat with other believers.


A challenge from the book of James, Chapters 1-5 (King James Version edition)

Steps (6)

Step 1: James - Chapter 1

James, to the tribes. Many trials produce perseverance. Riches will fade. Every good gift comes from the Father. Be doers of the word.

Step 2: James - Chapter 2

If you show partiality to the rich you are committing sin. Act as those who are under the law of liberty. Faith without works is dead.

Step 3: James - Chapter 3

No one can tame the tongue. With it we bless our Father and with it we curse others. The wisdom from above is pure and peace-loving.

Step 4: James - Chapter 4

Your worldly desires cause conflict. Resist the devil, draw near to God. Who are you to judge your neighbour? You boast in arrogance.

Step 5: James - Chapter 5

You rich have fattened yourselves for slaughter. Brothers, be patient until the Lord comes. The prayer of faith will save the sick.

Step 6: Quiz

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