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The Book of Job probes the physical and psychological depths of suffering, and even the spiritual depths of suffering. Job is abandoned by his friends, and he is even chastised, for no reason, by God. Job is so innocent that even God rails against him.


A challenge from the book of Job, Chapters 1-42 (King James Version edition)

Steps (43)

Step 1: Job - Chapter 1

Job was blameless. The LORD allowed Satan to test him. Job's servants and children were killed. He tore his robes and worshipped.

Step 2: Job - Chapter 2

Satan struck Job with boils. Job's wife told him to curse God. But Job did not sin. Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar came to comfort him.

Step 3: Job - Chapter 3

Job said, "Curse the day I was born! Why did I not die at birth? Why is light given to him who suffers? I have no rest, only turmoil."

Step 4: Job - Chapter 4

Eliphaz said, "Will you become impatient? When did the innocent ever perish? I heard a voice: 'Can a man be more righteous than God?'"

Step 5: Job - Chapter 5

"Who will answer you? Man is born to trouble. As for me, I would seek God. Do not despise his discipline. He wounds, but he binds up."

Step 6: Job - Chapter 6

Job said, "My misery would outweigh the sand of the seas! You have proved no help. Show me how I have been wrong! Would I lie to you?"

Step 7: Job - Chapter 7

"O God, my life is but a breath! Therefore I will speak out. What is man, that you examine him? Why have you set me as your target?"

Step 8: Job - Chapter 8

Bildad said, "Does God pervert justice? Learn from past generations. He will not reject the blameless, nor will he uphold evildoers."

Step 9: Job - Chapter 9

Job said, "How can a man dispute with God? His power is vast! But he destroys the innocent. If only there were a mediator between us!"

Step 10: Job - Chapter 10

"God, why do you reject the work of your hands? You know that I am not guilty! Why did you bring me out of the womb? Leave me alone."

Step 11: Job - Chapter 11

Zophar said, "Should your babble go unanswered? God exacts less than your guilt deserves! Reach out to him and you will find hope."

Step 12: Job - Chapter 12

Job said, "Who does not know all these things? With God are wisdom and power. He brings darkness into light. He destroys nations."

Step 13: Job - Chapter 13

"I want to argue my case with God. Be quiet and I will speak. Though he slay me, I will hope in him. God, why do you hide your face?"

Step 14: Job - Chapter 14

"Man is like a fleeting shadow. If a tree is cut down, it will sprout again, but will a man live again? You overpower him forever."

Step 15: Job - Chapter 15

Eliphaz said, "Your own mouth condemns you! Why do you turn against God? The wicked will be like a vine stripped of unripe grapes."

Step 16: Job - Chapter 16

Job said, "You're miserable comforters! God has torn me and shattered me. But my prayer is pure. Even now, my advocate is on high!"

Step 17: Job - Chapter 17

"My spirit is broken. He has made me a byword. But come again all of you! I will not find a wise man among you. Where is my hope?"

Step 18: Job - Chapter 18

Bildad said, "Why are we stupid in your sight? Indeed, the light of the wicked goes out. His roots dry up and his branches wither."

Step 19: Job - Chapter 19

Job said, "How long will you torment me? God counts me as an enemy. My closest friends abhor me. But I know that my redeemer lives!"

Step 20: Job - Chapter 20

Zophar said, "My understanding inspires me to answer. The triumph of the wicked is short. His food will turn sour in his stomach."

Step 21: Job - Chapter 21

Job said, "Listen to me. Why do the wicked grow mighty? How often do they have trouble? Who repays them? Your answers are empty!"

Step 22: Job - Chapter 22

Eliphaz said, "Is not your wickedness great? You withheld bread from the hungry. Is not God high? Submit to him and be at peace."

Step 23: Job - Chapter 23

Job said, "If only I knew where to find God! When he has tested me, I shall come forth as gold. But he does whatever he pleases."

Step 24: Job - Chapter 24

"The wounded cry out, but God charges no one with wrong. Some rebel against the light; they are exalted a while, and then are gone."

Step 25: Job - Chapter 25

Bildad said, "Dominion and awe belong to God. Who can be righteous before him? Even the stars are not pure in his sight!"

Step 26: Job - Chapter 26

Job said, "How you have helped the weak! Sheol is naked to God. The pillars of heaven tremble. These are the fringes of his ways!"

Step 27: Job - Chapter 27

"My heart does not reproach me. Let my enemy be as the wicked! His many sons are for the sword. The wind sweeps him from his place."

Step 28: Job - Chapter 28

"There is a mine for silver, but where is wisdom found? It is hidden from the eyes of all living. The fear of the Lord is wisdom!"

Step 29: Job - Chapter 29

"Oh, for the days when God watched over me! When I took my seat in the square. I was father to the needy and comforted the mourners."

Step 30: Job - Chapter 30

"But now younger men mock me. They do not hesitate to spit at me. God has cast me into the mire. When I expected good, evil came."

Step 31: Job - Chapter 31

"Does God not see my ways? Have I lied? Have I refused to help the poor? Have I put my trust in money? Let the Almighty answer me!"

Step 32: Job - Chapter 32

Elihu was angry with Job and his three friends. He said, "I am young, but it is not only the old who are wise. I will have my say."

Step 33: Job - Chapter 33

"Job, please listen to my words. God does speak, perhaps in a dream or through pain. He does this to deliver a person from the pit."

Step 34: Job - Chapter 34

"It is unthinkable that God would do wrong. Can one who hates justice govern? God shows no partiality. Job speaks like the wicked!"

Step 35: Job - Chapter 35

"Even if you are righteous, what do you give to God? He does not answer because of the pride of evil men. You must wait for him!"

Step 36: Job - Chapter 36

"I have more to say on God's behalf. He is mighty but does not despise any. Who is a teacher like him? Remember to extol his work!"

Step 37: Job - Chapter 37

"God thunders with his voice. By the breath of God, ice is made. Do you know his wondrous works? He is great in power and justice!"

Step 38: Job - Chapter 38

Then the LORD said, "I will question you. Where were you when I founded the earth? Who enclosed the sea? Can you bind the Pleiades?"

Step 39: Job - Chapter 39

"Do you mark when the deer is born? Will the wild ox serve you? Do you give the horse his might? Does the hawk fly by your wisdom?"

Step 40: Job - Chapter 40

Job said, "I have no answer." The LORD said, "Will you condemn me? Behold now, Behemoth, which I made. Can anyone pierce his nose?"

Step 41: Job - Chapter 41

"Can you catch Leviathan with a hook? Everything under heaven is mine. His breath sets coals ablaze. He is king over all the proud."

Step 42: Job - Chapter 42

Job said, "I repent in ashes." The LORD said to Eliphaz, "You have not spoken rightly of me, as Job has." He restored Job's fortunes.

Step 43: Quiz

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