Joel Bible Study


The book of Joel describes the Day of the Lord through locust swarms, battles, and powerful imagery so that readers can understand its magnitude. If you are going through hard times, the book of Joel teaches about the power of the combined prayers and fasting for God's people during a time of great difficulty in Israel's history. Join this JournalOwl Bible Study journey today.


A challenge from the book of Joel, Chapters 1-3 (King James Version edition)

Steps (4)

Step 1: Joel - Chapter 1

What the locust swarm has left other locusts have eaten. The fields are destroyed. Lament, O priests! The day of the LORD is near.

Step 2: Joel - Chapter 2

"Fear not, I will restore you. I will pour out my Spirit."

Step 3: Joel - Chapter 3

"I will gather all the nations for judgement. For the day of the LORD is near. Jerusalem will be inhabited for all generations."

Step 4: Quiz

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