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The book of Judges details the corruption and downward spiral of Israel's judges, but this brutal history still offers future hope for Israel. The book of Judges details the corruption and downward spiral of Israel's judges, but this brutal history still offers future hope for Israel.


A challenge from the book of Judges, Chapters 1-21 (King James Version edition)

Steps (22)

Step 1: Judges - Chapter 1

Judah defeated the Canaanites and took Jerusalem. Joseph put Bethel to the sword. But the Canaanites were not driven out completely.

Step 2: Judges - Chapter 2

After Joshua's generation died the Israelites served Baals. The LORD sold them to their enemies but raised up judges to deliver them.

Step 3: Judges - Chapter 3

After Othniel died the Israelites did evil. King Eglon defeated them. The LORD raised up Ehud who thrust a sword into Eglon's belly.

Step 4: Judges - Chapter 4

Jabin and Sisera oppressed Israel. Deborah sent Barak against them and the LORD routed them. Jael drove a peg through Sisera's head.

Step 5: Judges - Chapter 5

Deborah and Barak sang: "When leaders lead and people are willing, praise the LORD! Blessed is Jael; Let your enemies perish, O LORD!"

Step 6: Judges - Chapter 6

The LORD gave the Israelites to Midian. The angel of the LORD told Gideon to save Israel and gave him a sign. Gideon gathered an army.

Step 7: Judges - Chapter 7

The LORD told Gideon to send away all but 300 men. The 300 crept into the Midianite camp. They blew trumpets and the Midianites fled.

Step 8: Judges - Chapter 8

Gideon defeated Zebah and Zalmunna and punished Succoth and Penuel. He refused to rule Israel. When Gideon died Israel served Baals.

Step 9: Judges - Chapter 9

Abimelech killed his brothers and ruled over Israel. Gaal rose against him. Abimelech destroyed Shechem but was killed by a millstone.

Step 10: Judges - Chapter 10

Again the Israelites did evil. The LORD sold them to the Philistines and the Ammonites. They cried out and put aside foreign gods.

Step 11: Judges - Chapter 11

Jephthah vowed to sacrifice whatever came out to meet him if he defeated the Ammonites. His daughter met him so he sacrificed her.

Step 12: Judges - Chapter 12

The Ephraimites attacked Jephthah. Jephthah and the Gileadites defeated them and caught survivors by making them say 'Shibboleth'.

Step 13: Judges - Chapter 13

The LORD gave Israel to the Philistines. The angel of the LORD told Manoah's wife that she would conceive. She named her son Samson.

Step 14: Judges - Chapter 14

Samson took a Philistine wife. He killed a lion and bees made honey in the carcass. He posed a riddle but his wife explained it.

Step 15: Judges - Chapter 15

Samson's wife married another man so Samson burned the Philistine crops. The Israelites bound him. He killed a thousand Philistines.

Step 16: Judges - Chapter 16

Samson loved Delilah. She had his hair shaved so he lost his strength and was captured. He died pulling down the Philistine temple.

Step 17: Judges - Chapter 17

Micah set up a shrine. There was no king so everyone did what was right in their own eyes. Micah appointed a Levite as his priest.

Step 18: Judges - Chapter 18

Spies from Dan stayed with Micah. When the Danites went against Laish they took Micah's idol and his priest. They named the city Dan.

Step 19: Judges - Chapter 19

A Levite came to Gibeah. The men of the city raped his concubine until she died. He cut up her body and sent a piece to each tribe.

Step 20: Judges - Chapter 20

The Israelites gathered to attack Gibeah. The Benjaminites defended the city but they were defeated and only 600 of them survived.

Step 21: Judges - Chapter 21

The Israelites grieved that a tribe would be cut off. They destroyed Jabesh-gilead and captured wives for the remaining Benjaminites.

Step 22: Quiz

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