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In the book of Leviticus, God establishes the moral and purity laws that serve to set Israel apart from other nations. In the book of Leviticus, God establishes the moral and purity laws that serve to set Israel apart from other nations. God graciously provides a way for people to live in his presence.


A challenge from the book of Leviticus, Chapters 1-27 (King James Version edition)

Steps (28)

Step 1: Leviticus - Chapter 1

Whoever brings a burnt offering should slaughter a bull, a sheep, a goat or a bird. The priest shall burn it on the altar to the LORD.

Step 2: Leviticus - Chapter 2

A grain offering should be fine flour with oil and incense. The priest shall burn a portion. The rest belongs to Aaron and his sons.

Step 3: Leviticus - Chapter 3

A peace offering should be from the herd or the flock. Slaughter it at the tabernacle. The priest shall burn it on the altar as food.

Step 4: Leviticus - Chapter 4

If anyone sins unintentionally they should slaughter a bull, a goat or a lamb. The priest shall burn it to the LORD to make atonement.

Step 5: Leviticus - Chapter 5

When anyone sins with an oath or becomes unclean they should confess it and bring a sin offering. A guilt offering should be a ram.

Step 6: Leviticus - Chapter 6

When anyone cheats a neighbour they should make restitution and bring a guilt offering. The fire on the altar shall never go out.

Step 7: Leviticus - Chapter 7

The meat of a peace offering must be eaten within two days. Do not eat fat or blood. The wave offering belongs to Aaron and his sons.

Step 8: Leviticus - Chapter 8

Moses gathered the people at the tabernacle. He made offerings on the altar and consecrated Aaron and his sons with oil and blood.

Step 9: Leviticus - Chapter 9

Aaron brought a sin offering and a burnt offering to make atonement. The glory of the LORD appeared and a fire consumed the offerings.

Step 10: Leviticus - Chapter 10

Nadab and Abihu offered strange fire, so fire came from the LORD and killed them. Aaron and his other sons stayed at the tabernacle.

Step 11: Leviticus - Chapter 11

You may eat animals with cloven hooves that chew the cud, and fish with scales and fins. Anything that touches a carcass is unclean.

Step 12: Leviticus - Chapter 12

A male child shall be circumcised on the eighth day. A woman who gives birth shall bring offerings after her days of purification.

Step 13: Leviticus - Chapter 13

If anyone has leprosy the priest shall declare them unclean and they shall live outside the camp. A leprous garment shall be burned.

Step 14: Leviticus - Chapter 14

If anyone is healed of leprosy they shall shave their hair and bring offerings. If a house has mildew the priest shall inspect it.

Step 15: Leviticus - Chapter 15

When a man has a discharge he is unclean. When he ejaculates he is unclean until evening. When a woman has her period she is unclean.

Step 16: Leviticus - Chapter 16

Once a year Aaron shall make atonement for the people. He shall bring one goat as a sin offering and release another as a scapegoat.

Step 17: Leviticus - Chapter 17

Anyone who kills an animal and does not bring an offering is guilty. The life is in the blood and I have given it to make atonement.

Step 18: Leviticus - Chapter 18

Don't have sex with a relative, a woman on her period, your neighbour's wife, another man or an animal. These things defile the land.

Step 19: Leviticus - Chapter 19

Be holy. Keep my Sabbaths. Don't turn to idols. Love your neighbour as yourself. Don't mix livestock. Do no injustice. I am the LORD.

Step 20: Leviticus - Chapter 20

Anyone who worships Molech, curses their parents, commits adultery or has sex with a man shall be put to death. You shall be holy.

Step 21: Leviticus - Chapter 21

A priest must not make himself unclean and must only marry a virgin. No descendant of Aaron with a defect may offer the offerings.

Step 22: Leviticus - Chapter 22

A priest shall not eat the offerings if he is unclean. No outsider shall eat the offerings. Offerings must be animals without defect.

Step 23: Leviticus - Chapter 23

Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Fifty Days Later, the Day of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement and Booths.

Step 24: Leviticus - Chapter 24

Aaron is to tend the lamps and set out the bread before the LORD. An Israelite blasphemed so they took him outside and stoned him.

Step 25: Leviticus - Chapter 25

Every seventh year the land shall rest. Every fiftieth year shall be a jubilee, when property shall be restored and slaves released.

Step 26: Leviticus - Chapter 26

If you keep my laws I will give peace in the land and make you fruitful. If not I will scatter you, but I will not break my covenant.

Step 27: Leviticus - Chapter 27

If anyone dedicates a person or land to the LORD you shall make a valuation. A tithe of everything from the land belongs to the LORD.

Step 28: Quiz

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